Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. - Andrew Carnegie

Well today was a normal Thursday... except that all day I thought it was Wednesday... 

I went to the hot shop in the morning and got to work with the students who I hangout with a lot outside of school.  It was fun to be in the shop with people who I can laugh and joke around with and aren't so serious or angry or weird or freaked out.  I made more schnapps glasses (imagine me with a cross eyed tongue out face while saying that).  I am at the point that, on average, every other one is a good keep-able one.  That makes me pretty happy.  I did forget a rubber band for my hair this morning so I asked Micke if there was one around the factory I could use... I had a bobby pin but it wasn't really cutting it.  He returns with this:
Yes, that is about 2 feet long not stretched.  When it is stretched I can put both my arms all the way out to my sides and it reaches from thumb to thumb.  So whats that?  Like 5 feet?!?!? So I wrapped it around my head like a head band twice then used the rest to make a pony tail and actually looked pretty cool I would like to say.  I may start wearing it all the time in the factory!

There was a camera crew of students from the University of Kalmar today in the hot shop.  They were mostly just annoying and slightly in the way until during the break they started doing this interview right in front MY furnace! I sat there for 10 mins thinking they would surely get the hell out of the way and they didn't even though all the students were standing around waiting.  So, finally I just went behind them right into their shot of the person they were interviewing and started gathering and working with glass.  It finally occurred to me that I am paying good money to go here...  The government isn't paying for me like everyone else and I am not going to waste it sitting here watching this crap.  I think everyone was a little surprised and pleased that someone actually did something.  I looked over at Åke while I was gathering and he gave me a big grin and thumbs up.  I feel like I am acting very American again... yesterday with going into the hotel rooms and today with just jumping in when I was tired of them being in my way... Oh well.

After lunch I was also in the hot shop with the first year gymnasium kids.  That was a little hectic and they would freak out if you came by them with a reasonable ball of glass on your pipe.  I really like it better working with people who know what they are doing... and don't put a million bubbles in the glass!! Also they are maniacs when they knock the extra glass off their pipes! I was standing really far away from the knock off bin, talking to Stig-Allen (older teacher) and all of a sudden this HUGE piece (ok not huge, like the size of a big piece of bacon bits) of glass flies over and lands on my collar bone! I am like "AHHHHH! HOOOTTTTT!" and Stig-Allen is like "shit shit shit" and finally manages to knock the glass off which was sticking to my skin burning the shit out of me!  I have a stupid mark (about the size of a pinky nail) on my neck now that gets rubbed by my shirts!! uhg! 

It is interesting how different people react to the frustrations of glass.  Some get mad, some get upset and cry or freak out on the teachers and some just stop.  I think I have unique approach in that I just keep going back and back.  I keep trying and trying and I know I will get it, I don't get upset, I get frustrated but I use it as drive to help me keep going back.  I want to do it so badly that I keep trying, I keep gathering and I keep plopping it down in those damn molds.  It isn't an age thing either, people older then me react like the people younger and vise versa.  I had noticed it a little as people had been talking about their bad days or difficulties or bla bla bla and my response is always "I made a few good ones and it keeps getting better so I am pleased"  Maybe I will respond differently if I get stuck in a rut one day... but luckily (knock on wood) I haven't had too big of a rut yet!   Today, Åke (aka Orca... except his name isn't like the whale and this is how you spell it in Swedish... I think my Aunt told me that weeks ago but I just figured it out and was like DUH!) asked me if I am always like a pig.  And I was like "what?!?!?! A PIG?!?!?" and he goes "yeah happy, smiling and bouncing?" and tried to pantomime how I act which was hilarious b/c he is bald and much taller then me! After I realized he wasn't insulting me with the whole pig thing I said "yes I am always happy when I am doing this!" and held up my blow pipe.  (who knew pigs are happy in Sweden?!?!)  Even when I make a few really crap glasses I happily bounce along to whatever song is on the Ipod while waiting to gather again at the furnace.  I knew I was happy but it was so great to have it pointed out and that made me even happier!  

After school I went for a jog.  I had a ton of energy still, I think b/c I am super excited about riding TOMORROW!  I went to this cool camping area nearby and took these cool pictures:
There is a little dam on the right of the red building on the right making this small pond.
This is on top of the dam.
Red shoes, black water.
This is looking back towards the first picture... classic Sweden to me.
Freakin' adorable pine cones!

After my jog I went to the hotel where they have the Thai buffet with some of the 3rd year Nordic students, some of the Finish girls and a girl who was graduated last year (she had stuff in that museum exhibit from earlier).  It was a lot of fun and we laughed so much that we thought we would die from eating so much and laughing so much.  I am really glad that these girls (the only guy they hangout with really is the englishman who is marries to one of the girls) like me and want me around! They are hilarious and soooo good at glass! I think they are having a going away party on Saturday for Gunner (maybe that is her name, Danish girl) and the Englishman, Anthony, in the woods at this cool camp area where you can make bonfires! Should be cool :)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Tomorrow is my first Swedish Riding Lesson! I can't wait!!!! I will take my camera and tell you all about it as soon as I get back! Hopefully it won't make me miss Justin (my horse) even more, I don't know if I can miss him more!  Anyway, wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck and make the teacher laugh at riding too

  2. Good luck on the riding! Someone else joined my lesson the other day - but it's not you and Justin. sorry - still you miss you guys. I can't wait to see more of your but glass. I liked your bowl.

    Your explanation of your reaction to being thwarted by glass is what I think of my reaction to all the challenges Theo poses. I just keep going back over and over and eventually progress occurs.

  3. uhhh.. make that CUT glass... not but glass!

  4. hahaha you are a happy pig! :) I also thought all day today that it is Wednesday! But it's not, it's thursday, and I have one more night left at home in a room that somewhat feels like my room. (but not really anymore because most of it is in boxes! gah!) anyway... happy riding tomorrow. Miss you!

  5. happy as a pig in slop is a southern saying- you are welcome to use it.
    You have drive and discipline and determination - so go get them!
    And be happy as a pig in slop!

  6. wow! I have loved reading every word of your blog! the pics are just beautiful and those pizzas looked divine!
    I know you will love riding once again. enjoy Theresa!
    oh, did you give your Mom that bowl? she will be so "blown" away! ha