Sunday, September 12, 2010

"I get by with a little help from my friends!"

Saturday I managed to recover from my hangover to go to Gitte (I spelled her name wrong last time, something like Gidda maybe?) and Antony's going away party.  We all went to the woods where some "you know scout boys" (Gitte) built some cool bridges, campfire spots and chopped fire wood.  We had beers, sausages, vodka and chips.  It was a good time.  The party was me, Gitte & Antony, Kirsten, Anniina, Yuka (except according to facebook his name is Baron! I am serious) and the girl who is visiting that finished school last year and I can't spell her name.  It was really nice and chill. That is such a great group to hangout with and I feel like one of them already even though I have just met them.  Gitte and I both agreed that it is sad that I am just meeting them and they are moving away to Denmark! Oh well, I am supposed to go visit them one day :)  We were also joined at the party by Yuka's two animals:
And Rrrreemmmmbbbbullllaaaa or something... The cool cat I met the other day that acts a lot like a dog:
It is eating the dog's pig ear, but did catch a mouse during the party...
Sausages!! (Yuka's is kind of sad looking)
And after a few hours we had to make it back to Orrefor's proper.  We were all pretty drunk but excited! We accidentily left Dia stuck on an island so the girls waited while Yuka and Antony (the only one with a light) went back for her... While we were waiting we looked like this...
Its not pretty:
Yes, they are laying on the ground in the forest...
Anniina is trying to call the cat who we could hear meowing from the woods but couldn't really see.
Kirsten and I were the only two really standing at this point...
We then all walked back by cellphone light... singing songs in various languages as loudly as possible.  Gitte and I tried to sing Beatles songs b/c everyone should know those right?  Not like the absurd and hilarious sounding Finish songs right?!  Sadly, we could never really remember more then about 3 lines of each song.  When we finally made it out of the woods and back to Orrefors we decided to go to Kirsten and Anniina's where we were promised wine and pancakes!!! Hooray pancakes... my new favorite food I think.
Anniina is the cooking queen.  She used this gem to make lactose free, glutton free, sugar free pancake DELIGHTS!
Gotta respect a woman in the kitchen with red glasses! and that egg whisk!
This is Anniina by the way:
There was lots of laughing and in general goofing off.  It was wonderful.
Kirsten is either always laughing or telling a funny story.
Gitte and Antony... who knows what they are talking about.
And someone passed out a little early, but she wearing her new shoes and yes, leaning against the fridge:

I went home before everyone else and from what I hear it was a good idea b/c everyone else was painfully hungover today.  I think it was the combination of beer, wine, vodka, juice and pancakes and sausages... All wonderful on their own but together can cause a riot the next morning!

On Sunday I went to the store with Rosanne which was exhausting and I ambitiously got the ingredients for Chili Con Carne... what was I thinking?  But on a good note I got 5kr for all my empty cans!  Then we hung out for a while and I finally agreed to go on this trip this afternoon.  I didn't know what it entailed exactly but I was hoping not too much physical exercise... It was me, Yenni, Martin, Christian and Mortin (all Danish guys) off to Aboda Klint!
There is Yenni on the left then Christian, Morten, Christian again b/c he moved and then Martin.
There was this cute restaurant on the top of these rocks and you looked out over the area and all the water.  It was really cool!
Looking back up towards the first picture.
Then we climbed this monstrosity.  It is 21 meters of hangover hell.  But worth it!
Starting at the bottom...
View from the top...
And the view out:

The little red building is the restaurant where we were looking from earlier.
At the very bottom was this lovely swimming/camping area.
You can see the tower on the right side just barely.  
Christian, Yenni and Martin went swimming.  It sounded like the water was pretty cold but they all enjoyed it... crazy Scandinavians!  We had a little picnic of tea and cookies and they threw around a mini American football which was pretty funny.  It was a good thing to do since it was so warm and nice outside... except the pictures make it look really overcast... oh well.  Take my word for it, it was nice out :)

Afterwards, Yenni and I made the chili con carne and it was DELISH and I have enough left over to feed a whole army! It was nice to have some good warm cooked food after a day out like and especially for her since she went swimming.  I was feeling pretty good at this point since I had slept in the car on the way back! It was 8 o'clock and I was finally feeling like a normal human being!

Then I went to Kirsten and Anniina's for some hungover Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! They were all draped over the living room watching the movie and eating chips, totally slugged out.  I quickly settled in and joined the "party" and I brought some candy! I had totally been way more active and alive all day then any of them.  But it was nice to spend the evening slugged out with people equally as tired and spent! Made me feel a little less useless and pathetic! haha.  AND (!!) Gitte gave me her old cross country skis! She said there isn't enough snow in Denmark! I can't wait to try them out and maybe I will see a MOOSE in the snow!! I will have to take some pictures for her and send them to her when I finally get to use them!!! I felt really cool walking back to my house with some skis thrown over my shoulder.  I even saw some people so then I felt even cooler, not just me being alone and cool feeling.  Now I have to go and pass out... Another glorious week of school starts tomorrow! Hopefully with more glory holes! 
Haha a glorious week with glory holes! 
oh, I crack myself up.
Do these remind anyone else of David the Gnome or the Smurfs?


  1. lots of fun going on over there! now stop having all that fun and get to work!
    Not really--- we are all green over your adventure!

  2. YAY SKIIIS! I hope I can come to Sweden when there is not snow on the ground, but if not maybe we can attempt some cross country skiing together! hehe