Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just in case you haven't been counting... THIS IS POST # 50!!!

Another random bit of information is this:
Orrefors + Volvo = Really Cool Car 

This weekend....  Saturday morning I got up and made Mushroom Pie with my freshly picked mushrooms! It turned out really good and I ate a TON.  I didn't know what to do with the mushrooms at first and the Finish girls suggested this.  After I bought all the stuff, of course, my Aunt Eva sent me a few, less complicated seeming, suggestions as well that I will be sure to use next time I have a mound of fresh mushrooms!
Sautéed onion and mushrooms
 ... and a bunch of cream.
 A small mound of cheese!
 Doesn't it look pretty?  I put some salt and thyme on top of the dough (as well as in the mushrooms) to make it a little less sweet hopefully.
Baked for 40 minutes and Beautiful!
And, tasty!!

In the afternoon I went with Kirsten, Anniina and Thomas to a lecture in the Crystal Bar.  This bar was designed by the designer I met on Friday in the school.  It is never open and no one is ever there so it was nice to go see it all lit up and full of people.  It was all older people but still nice to get to dress up and drink a glass of wine with strangers... The lecture was about Orrefors from this guy whose family was one of the original owners I think of the factory.  From what I could understand (which was VERY little) it was pretty boring and Thomas confirmed my suspicions afterwards.  
Here are some pictures of the place:

 This is Kirsten before anyone else arrived.
Anniina, Thomas and Kirsten all dressed up!

I really like these glasses.  They were designed to be a gift to the Crown Princess and her new hubby as a wedding present.  The design is called Love is Divine or something like that.  So pretty!

Saturday night Kirsten and Anniina had a New Couch Party!  It was pretty small since a lot of the school isn't in town this weekend but a lot of fun!  They put a ribbon around the couch and cut it off and I brought some champagne to toast the new arrival.  It was nice to have a small group, you could actually talk to people some.  But now that I think of it there were 10 of us, so not too small.  Of course the evening digressed into a very silly dance-a-thon.  We danced into the wee hours of the morning....
 Thomas, Kirsten and Anniina serving the champagne!
 The ribbon cutting!
 This is funny since Kirsten is Norwegian and she and I have the Swedish ribbons and Anniina is Finish with the Norwegian ribbon... aaaaahhh Scandinavian confusion.
 The kitchen is Anniina's domain.
 The dancing has begun... Here is Kirsen in white, Nick in plaid, Anniina in black and Thomas in the back.
 Here Thomas is break dancing...
 Nick doing the worst caterpillar I have ever seen!
 Kirsten and Nick singing Spice Girls
 "tell me what you want... what you really really want..."
 Boosa and Nick both in blue plaid I just noticed... I have no idea why they look so serious...
 More dancing it looks like...
Boosa making pan cakes!!! I love pan cakes!
 Ahhh, a classic Theresa pose.
And this how the night ended with Thomas and Anniina doing some sort of tango to "I wanna be Americano"

And, Sunday morning we were all feeling a little rough.  But luckily it was the perfect day to spend in your pajamas all day.  Rainy, windy and chilly!  I laid in my bed for a long time then finally made the long trek back to Kirsten and Anniina's to watch TV and sit on the new couch.  It was exhausting going up their stairs!  They said they were amazed this morning when the place was really pretty clean! Apparently at one point during the party all the Americans (me included) grabbed all the empty bottles and took them from the living room into the kitchen and I remember we didn't think anything of it but Kirsten and Annina loved it.  They also said the kitchen floor was very clean and after a moment we realized that Thomas had scrubbed it clean with his back doing his break dancing! haha oh well.  I think everyone had a very good time, a very lazy Sunday and all in all in a good weekend.

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