Tuesday, March 8, 2011

“Those have a short Lent, who owe money to be paid at Easter.” ~ Ben Franklin

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday... I am not particularly religious but I have been giving up or taking something new on for Lent since High School I think.  Maybe not that long ago, but its been a long while.  I am doing it more to test my personal perseverance then my faithfulness to god... which is probably the opposite reason to do it.  This year I don't know what to do... It is hard to give up sweets, chocolate mainly because my birthday falls in Lent.  I HAVE to have a chocolate cake!  I already take my vitamins daily (so proud of myself)!  I already go to gym/The Shred all the time... though it does end about half way through Lent (the Shred not going to the gym).  Maybe I could be better about doing my online Swedish classes, which have been pretty nonexistent since I have been back this semester.  But I just don't see myself doing it... I am tired at the end of a day and don't want to force my brain to do even more... I don't want to sign up for something that only has about 20% success rate.  Maybe I could give up Facebook?  But I don't see Facebook as bad for me, like candy or drinking or something.  But I don't want to give up candy or drinking either.  Any suggestions?!?  I have no idea!

Here are the pictures of the bottles and corkscrew wine glasses from yesterday!!
Dr Suess is to the left and the other two are great!  The bottoms are a little uneven at this point, that is why they are upside down.  I took them to the cold shop and fixed them up to stand up right this afternoon.
Maybe you could drink screwdrivers out them! hahaha oh, that was lame.
Bottles on Parade, the Spring Edition:
Lots of weird ones and a few cool ones... 
These 3 are my favorites with the stripe pattern on the top and fading into the bottle part.  Kind of neat I think!

Today I spent the morning in the hot shop with Vegard.  We made wineglasses... I think I may be making wineglasses until the end of time! I made regular ones today because I am still "marinating" on the ones with the corkscrew stem.  Vegard wanted to make some cylinders but the teachers told him that he had to stay with his class and stop getting so far ahead or they wouldn't have anything to teach him next year! I thought this was both good and bad to hear... good that we are doing advanced stuff but bad that they are holding him back!  We were both a little frustrated and bored with just making normal wineglasses.  It seemed like everyone in the class was having that kind of day, nothing seemed quit right.  We manged to make a few pretty good ones, a few, and saved those. 

After a lunch of a DELICIOUS BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on toast) I sat outside and enjoyed the warm air and sunshine! It is a little above freezing here, still pretty windy but the sun is shining! I sat around and drank a coffee and had come cookies.  I also realized the good thing about laying in the sun in your winter coat is that if it has a hood you have a built in pillow!  This is my beautiful scene:
Notice the grass in the background?  Yes, there is now too, but SOME grass!

After lunch I went to the cold shop.  I wanted to finish up the corkscrew glasses to make them stem and also I was supposed to do a spring cleaning on my locker and basket of stuff.  I donated a ton to the school and threw a lot out and finally got my locker looking reasonable.  I have also managed to arrange my stuff to what I want to finish first and later!  Here is a shot of the trolley I filled with stuff I don't want/can't take home:

This evening I have talked to Sam, went to Tempo and made a huge lasagna!  It was great except my lasagna was a little runny.  I think I should have drained my meat and my frozen spinach... oh well, hind sight is always 20/20 right?!  But I think I might have lasagna coming out my ears for a few days!  Now I still have to do my Shred and maybe make some Nutella cookies! It is only 7:20PM but I am still already super tired!  

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