Friday, March 4, 2011

"Fridays are not 'pants optional'." ~ Nancy Cartwright

I am currently sitting here procrastinating... I am supposed to do day 2 of LEVEL 2 of The Shred! I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had moved up.  I am right on schedule with my 30 days and the procrastination has really set in.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, I am done on March 22, only like what, 18, 19 more days? Oh god!  OK! I am going to do it right now!

HHHAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Holy cow! Level 2 is hard! I actually feel a little sick to my stomach at the end of it! But I did it! Yay me!

Well, today besides doing that I went to the factory for a day in the hot shop! I worked on making wine glasses again today and some martini glasses! They are really hard when you try to bring the edge real wide.  I saved a bunch and hopefully they will survive the annealer, it was open and closed a lot today which is never very good for the thinner glasses.

Here is a picture of the glasses I made yesterday: 
I know its not much, I told you it was a frustrating hot day.

After school I went to the stables again.  I had a jumping lesson on Hilma, who I have only done dressage on last week.  Today we had to ride in the little indoor ring so we couldn't do a whole course.  We did two jumps on a serpentine which was very tricky but fun.  When I was riding Hilma she gave the impression of being young and inexperienced but then I looked at her chart and she is 14! She had me fooled!  She isn't scared of the jumps but she is easily spooked with other things, doors opening, fans spinning and etc.  I got her to do a lead change which is very exciting for her apparently!  And she only tried to kick me once when I took her blanket off in the beginning!  Well, she did try again when I went to put her saddle on but then I kicked her back and she stopped!  Hopefully she will remember next time!  I was also pleased that I wasn't nearly as exhausted this week during my lesson as I was last Friday.  

Now I am off to bed and hopefully I won't be too sore tomorrow! I wasn't that sore today from The Shred thankgoodness!  But, who knows what tomorrow will hold for me in that department.  Happy Weekend!

PS: I am glad you all liked my Tiffany piece as much as I do! I think I might call it Teague after the teacher who taught me how to make that shape, in fourth grade I think.  Maybe I should try to find her Facebook... hmm though as with most teachers I have no idea what her first name is...

PPS: Sorry for the tiny font again last post... I don't know why that keeps happening!

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