Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Are they made from real Girl Scouts?" ~ Wednesday Addams

Today was a loooong Wednesday! I guess they are often are for most people, but I don't lead the life of most people.  I woke up this morning too early AGAIN by Saara who stomps around and curses in Finnish super early in the morning.  She is having to get up early to go do her practical studies (like an internship) at some hot shop.  But, for the past week and a half I have been woken up over an hour early by her.  It is killing me.  But this morning I laid in bed, finally fell back to sleep then overslept school! So, I was late to school, not good.  I had thought that maybe for Lent I could be always on time or even early for school... but I messed up on the first day! I am most of the time on time or early but I am not going to do it for Lent anyway.

In the morning I blew into a mold for a while.  Pretty boring and dull.  I can see I am getting better but that doesn't make something so mindless any more interesting.  After lunch I worked with Vegard and we got to make some cylinders.  He has been wanting to do them for a while and today was finally his day!  I made two really big ones but it was really hard to make them look nice.  At the end of the day Vegard said his arms were tired which made me feel really good because I had done just as much, more I think, and my arms were tired too! But he is a strong guy and maybe I am not such a wimp! We tried 3 different techniques: 1. Åke's way which was slower and more controlled. 2. Micke's way, the factory workers way, super fast and hot and difficult and then 3. on a paper marver!  We had this V shaped marver lined with paper and you just rotated the glass in it! All of which were super hard and we were only successful at the first two... but it was our first day!

After school I went to the gym and did a class called Bas which I had done last week with Rosanne.  It was good but not as difficult as it was last week (different teacher) and I was glad that I had also done my Shred (on day 17!).  After that we went to the grocery store where Martin got to talk to this lady that he has the hots for which made him all happy and hyper.  We decided to stay in town and do something fun besides just go home for the evening.  We went to this AMAZING kabob place and had kabobs and beers.  I got a small one with salad and pommes (french fries) and it was SO GOOD! I almost licked my plate clean!  I was sad I didn't bring my camera because it was really pretty too.  Kind of weird though, it was just the meat, sauce, salad and fries on the plate, no bread or anything like that... It was sooooo good!  I will bring my camera next time I go there!! 

Now I am home, trying not to eat a whole chocolate bar, which would be perfect after my salty dinner... So, to distract both of us here is a picture of the wineglasses I made yesterday:

I mean one glass! I made two but I could only find one today... the other probably broke or something.

PS: I am craving Girl Scout cookies badly! If anyone gets the urge to send me some Thin Mints they will be rewarded in glass!!

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