Tuesday, March 22, 2011

“Long is the road from conception to completion.” ~ Moliere

I would like to announce that today is my last day of THE SHRED!!!  I am now "shredded" and I am so happy it is over.  I am never going to sign up for something like this again!  I have to admit I am stronger and fitter... I couldn't do the things in the last level at the beginning! Annoyingly enough I have lost my measuring tape so I can't see if my body has changed.  Maybe I can find one tomorrow at school?  I don't think I have lost any weight, but I didn't follow the food/diet plan... that would have been way too hard! I can't believe I have finished it!!!  I am not going to lie, I didn't do everyday with full effort, some days were just too hard and I was too lazy... but its DONE!!

In glass news here are the bowls I made on Friday:
I couldn't find a match book so I used a lighter... does that work the same?  
 Either way, its pretty big... would be good for a gold fish I think!
 This guy is a bit smaller but very nice and almost half circle!
This is the first one again.  It is the one where I made the foot just using the paper! It turned out well I think for my first attempt! I like it, would be good for candy I think!  A godis bowl!  It felt so cool to literally squeeze the glass between my fingers to make the foot!!

Now, I am off to try to get some sleep.  Still having a hard time sleeping... not sure what that is about.  I've started taking this Valerina herbal pills... supposed to be good for sleeping and anxiety... but sometimes take a while to start really working.  They aren't working yet and I've used them twice... so we will see!

Next day additional info:
I found a measuring tape at school and quickly measured myself to see what changes The Shred brought about.  Now please keep in mind I am not sure I measured exactly right, or in the same exact spot... but here are my very unscientific results:

Right upper arm: +1.5 cm
Left upper arm: + 0.5cm
Right thigh: -1
Left thigh: +1
Upper waist (bottom of ribs sort of): -4cm
Belly button: -13
Hips: + 2

Talk about confusing!! Ok, so keep in mind I measured myself this morning, a completely different time from the first measurement, also using a tape that was only 48cm long.  AND 1 cm is only 0.39 inches!  I am not sure what I think of the results... why are my hips bigger and one arm only grew half a cm?!  Anyway, take from it what you will.

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