Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Damn, the girl thick, but she ain't no 26" ~ Birthday Girl by The Roots

Yesterday evening I had an AMAZING birthday party!! One of the best so far, I would say!  Rosanne had helped me plan and invite people so I thought it would be good, but it exceeded my expectations.

First, Rosanne came over, helped me set up (put some candles out and chips, make ice) then we got ready together.  It was very girly and nice, chatting about nothing while doing our make up and hair.  She also has great hair things, like a straightener and this powder that makes your hair keep its volume.  Nifty stuff!  About half way through the getting ready we went to the Orrefors Pizza place and split this bad boy:
 Meet the Alcopocu! It has mushrooms, sausage, onions, jalapeños, taco sauce (spicy sauce) dribbled on top and then some sour cream stuff.  It was like seasoned sour cream to help cool it down from the jalapeños and spicy sauce.  It was REALLY good but some of the peppers were really hot and made our noses run!  We went back, made some pre-party drinks in the kitchen:
 And they were HORRIBLE! Maybe some of the worst stuff I have drank that wasn't just plain alcohol!  I was trying to make Kamikazes which are vodka, triple sec and lime... they were disgusting! Thank goodness I had also bought a bunch of cranberry juice so that helped saved the drinks!  Rosanne got this really horrible rum which was maybe the cheapest thing at the store and tried to mix it with tonic = bad, orangina = really bad and then coke cola = still strangely gross!  I am not sure how she managed to drink it in the end... I think she just switched to my vodka.  

Then it was back to getting ready... I straightened my hair... it looked super boring so she took over.  Next thing I know she is also redoing ALL my makeup! I had this painful and huge pimple on the top of nose (of course) which she worked some sort of magic to get rid of!  At one point she goes "I am making you a new nose... and it won't have any freckles!" and I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best.  It turned out really good and I felt super cute all night :)  Here is me, Saara (Finnish roommate) and Rosanne all dressed for the party!  
 Seeing as how this party was in Sweden everyone was very punctual!  It is a good thing, then there is no awkward sitting around waiting for the party to get started... it starts right away!  I was very surprised and excited because I got presents! First I got a bar of Finnish chocolate from Saara called Karl Fazer, supposed to be reallllly good.  I got a cool candle holder from Ida and Sophie (the two new girls) which we instantly lit up and set out.  Then I got two ear warmers from Annina and Kirsten and some cookies! Annina makes the ear warmers and I have always been jealous of Kirsten's so it was perfect (one white and one green).  I put them on right away, instantly destroying Rosanne's hair masterpiece... luckily she put so many products on my head I think it bounced back.  Here I am in one and with a present I got from Fredrick:
 Some of you may recognize the picture of me on the present full out laughing from Facebook.  He got me some Nutella because he saw that on Facebook one time I wrote "I <3 Nutella!" haha.  Also, Bosse gave me some glass colors!  Very beautifully wrapped in tinfoil... they are white, black and some brownish red!
 Next I got some sort of cookies from Bjorn and Jonatan.  They said they had these dreams of a big strawberry cake with layers of cream and stuff, they couldn't find any strawberries and then the decided to make meringues, but neither of them bakes... they barely cook normal food.  So, they turned out like this: 
 Super sweet, sticky and brown... but good! After this I lost Rosanne and was about to go look for her when I walked out of the kitchen straight into her coming into the apartment with a cake and EVERYONE singing happy birthday to me in Swedish! I was so surprised I almost hugged her while she was still holding it with lit candles! I thought they were done with the song and started to clap and all of a sudden they all go "HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH" super loudly and I was so startled I think I just stood there gawking like an idiot! The cake it turned out was a giant blue gummy bear!  She also baked some chocolate cup cake things, it was her first time baking!
 It took forever to cut the damn gummy bear but I finally got an ear off dramatically went for the first bite:
 It turned out to be super hard and chewy... big surprise!
 We all dug in, sawed away at the bear, ate chocolate hockey pucks, I mean cup cakes that Rosanne made.  Some of them were super hard, but they all got eaten they were that good!  Then back to the drinking and dancing!  Here is Kresten who made a blue drink... a little vodka and a chunk of bear... mmmmm.  It was kind of gross, the bear didn't dissolve at all!  I don't think there is anything natural about that blue bear!
Kresten also had downloaded the song "Birthday Girl" by The Roots which he played and then twirled me all over the place.  It was a long song so we were both a little dizzy and tired by the end but it was really cute.  Then today I looked up the song and it is really dirty! It is all about turning 18 and now the guy can finally hook up with the birthday girl legally! Kind of creepy...

 At one point Jonatan decided we need to do a party shot... so he and Rosanne dolled out the bad rum and vodka:
 Then Annina gave a toast which was something along the lines of "Like So-and-so (I forget who) said 'girl, I didn't come here to make toast'!" haha whatever that means.
 I think that was the point in the night where most people started really feeling the alcohol and maybe a few got sick who got the gross rum as a shot!  This was a big highlight of the night also:
 Nils wore his hair like that almost the whole night!
 Then more dancing... we danced to ever type of music I think!
 Then people started to go home... first Annina and then Rosanne and some others and only the real party people remained! Haha, I think it was around 1 AM at this point.
 And I was sad to see my friends leave I guess.... who knows...
 And then the bear lost its head... 
 And then these two lost their heads!  Bjorn is on my bed and Kresten is on a floor, both drunk and melting!
 Thank goodness they didn't stay there or I would have been on the couch! Kresten slept on a couch for a little while, then bolted up and stumbled to his room like a zombie!  Bjorn went upstairs with Jonatan who was probably the most sober out of everyone (well except Saara who hardly drinks) which was the opposite of normal.  I slept soundly until 12 the next day only to be woken by these boys who came to help me clean!
 This picture perfectly captures how we all felt!
 Here is Kresten, Jonatan and Bjorn who were all super sweet, helped me clear away all the cans and bottles and even scrubbed my sticky tables!  Then we saw the Nutella from the night before and decided to make pancakes.  I brought the nutella and jam,  Jonatan went for the milk at the store, Bjorn provided the stove, flour and eggs and Kresten brought a melon and the butter.  It was a team effort.  Luckily once it got started I just sat and waited for pancakes to appear while Jonatan and Bjorn ran the kitchen.
 Even the cheese puffs were hungover...
 I guess Jonatan was super proud of this one... he took the picture... I don't know why really.
 Then we debated the pressure points that help release a headache.  Kresten said under the eyebrows where his pinkies are.
 Bjorn said you should rub your temples...
 I accidentally poked myself in the eye... and Saara laughed at me... some friend ;)
And here is a breakfast of champions!  Swedish style pancakes (thinner, sweeter and different from American) with raspberry jam and nutella, orange soda and melon!  It was glorious!  Then I went home and crawled back in bed for a few hours.

After a while I got up, mopped the apartment, everything was super sticky and smelled weird.  Then Rosanne came over for dinner (left over spaghetti with meat sauce I had) and we ate all my birthday cookies I had left. All in all, I would say the weekend was a success!  There are a million more pictures and I will put some of them up on facebook after a while if you are interested.  Soon I really will be 26! 

Here is that Birthday Girl song:
Pretty absurd.

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