Monday, March 7, 2011

"Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays." - Anonymous

I am in trouble... before I went to the grocery I found a recipe for Nutella cookies... all you need is Nutella, sugar, flour and egg! So, of course, I bought some Nutella! Who wouldn't??!? THEN when I came home I somehow stumbled across, ok, maybe I googled it, a recipe for Nutella BROWNIES!!!! They require even less ingredients!! I am super excited and am trying very hard to wait until tomorrow to make either of these things... but I am not making any promises.  My hope is if I make them tomorrow then I won't eat them all tonight... maybe I can share them tomorrow... maybe?  

Well this weekend was fairly uneventful... there was a party at Kresten's Saturday night with a little dancing (thats me in the stripes):
and Sunday I hung-out with Rosanne almost all day.  I made another wonderful dinner creation from her weird pantry options and it was really good except we exploded half of it out the blender onto the floor!  It was a creamy sun dried tomato sauce for chicken and pasta with some broccoli on the side!  

Today, Monday, I spent the entire day in the hotshop in the factory.  In the morning I made wild looking bottles.  They had lots of colors, stripes and some had big blotches of stuff stuck to them... I don't know how they will look but I have a feeling most of them will be pretty ugly!  After lunch I went to the teachers with a plan... I wanted to make something that I knew they would say was too hard, so then I would ask to make something even harder... so they would have to let me do the first one!  I wanted to make wineglasses with a corkscrew twist stem!  They at first said no but then they finally showed me a few techniques, none of which were easy or made very nice twists.  BUT! Vegard, who is always using his head, came up with a technique where I pull out a very long hot stem then he sticks a copper pipe next to my hand and twists it into the stem while I hold the end making it coil.  Yes, I know that is really confusing but it was brilliant!  The teachers were very impressed!  I made 3 really good ones, but one broke before I got it in the annealer and then one really wild Dr. Suess style cup which I also saved! I can't wait to see them tomorrow.  When I made my first one and got it in the annealer I did a little happy dance and everyone laughed at me but I was so excited!!  I can't wait to see how they look tomorrow!  We had a few of the round cups laying around on the floor with the swirly stems still attached which had broken when I was applying the foot or cracked when I went to open the mouth of the cup.  Anniina came up and asked what I was making and I said "well they are supposed to be wine glasses with a corkscrew stem... but secretly I am making an army of glass sperm! mwahahaha!" and we all giggled for a long time... It was funny I swear!

Here are the ones I made on Friday:
Martini glass, champagne glass, random glass.
So nice and round!
Shaken not stirred! hahaha!

Then I found that brandy glass I made with the bubbles! It just randomly showed up in the cold shop!
It is a bubbly beast (I mean, big, heavy and cumbersome, not sweet like Disney style).
Can you see how thick it is?
I think I could drop this on the cement floor and it wouldn't break! But I am not going to try it, don't worry.

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