Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom." ~Jon Stewart

Sorry for the delay... yesterday our internet was broken.  Very sad for everyone, I even saw Jonatan (16yr old upstairs) carrying his desktop computer down the road to a friends house yesterday! I have no idea what I did on Monday... just somehow missed blogging.  Anyway, I am here now! Yay!

In the last few days I have been making bowls... bowls with feet.  Don't get too excited, they are not very exciting feet... just a "klack" or Swedish Foot or Drop Foot, meaning a disk of solid glass squished on the bottom of a bowl for it to sit straight.  Maybe I would be more excited about this IF I was any good at making them!  I am struggling making the bowl a "perfect half circle" and getting the damn klack in the middle of the bowl.  I have made a lot of weird looking odd bowls with sideways feet, not good for much unless you are Gaudi or Dali or maybe Dr. Suess.  Here are a few of that have been saved:
 They are perfectly NOT half circles! 
 The foot, klack or whatever you want to call it:
I managed to make a few "good" ones today.  I think I saved 4 or 5 that hopefully are mostly straight and stand up right on their own!

If you remember last week Vegard and I worked on making cylinders:
 This looks straighter in real life... weird.
I have a few more, which I think I have already taken pictures of.  I plan to do some deep cutting on them! Then maybe, if I do a really good job I can get them acid dipped which makes them SUPER shiny and nice! I am practicing now on a piece, well I started this morning, not right now...

So, the last few days have been pretty normal.  Going to school, going to the gym, hanging out and watching movies.  I have recently been having some trouble sleeping, I am not sure why... but it has made my days a little harder then normal.

Oh! And yesterday all day Rosanne thought this friend of hers was going to come to school to video Rosanne blowing glass for some school project.  Rosanne let me know it might happen the night before with a text that said "Warning filming tomorrow ;) comb your hair!" then the morning of wakes me with a text saying "They are coming today, will you please help me and be my assistant?!"  I get up after about 2 hours of sleep, comb my hair and even find a clean pair of jeans and go to school.  We practice all morning on making this ugly vase because they suggested she make a vase, or something recognizable.  Then when we are all ready for them to come that afternoon they don't come! Turns out they can't come in time, something about needing a camera and a car at the same time to record her.  I am kind of glad, but after all that a little disappointed.  Probably good though, we never made a nice vase and Rosanne was pretty stressed by the whole ordeal!

Also, with the help of my Mom, I found my teacher on facebook.  The one who inspired the Tiffany piece, Ms. Teague.  I sent her a picture and hopefully she will think it is as cool as I do! I will let you know!

I should have some more interesting pictures tomorrow, which is Thursday so that means riding AND St. Patrick's Day!  Don't forget to wear your green :)

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