Friday, March 18, 2011

"Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round!" ~ Queen

Even though it is more then half way through March and this weekend is the first day of Spring... this is what I woke up to this morning:
 By the end of the morning it was approximately 5 inches of fluffy white SNOW! YUCK!  I really thought that maybe we were done with it... the birds have been singing, the horses shedding, the snow melting... BUT NO! Mother Nature just wanted to remind me that the calendar means nothing and she is Queen! OK, I will stop bitching and moaning now... for a while at least.

I went to the hot shop in the factory today and worked on more of these:
 Half circle bowls with feet.  I just wrote "feet with bowls" haha!  I did make one really big one and also another one with a fat stem and a foot on it! I made the foot using the paper, literally I just squeezed it round! It was amazing and felt really cool! I can't wait to show Pappa that trick!

After school I went to the barn to ride! It was a jumping week so I was looking forward to this lesson with Lady.  I don't think the snow improved her mood... here she is even AFTER I gave her some apple:
We did this sort of figure 8 course over just 4 jumps which was interesting.  Pia wasn't there today so we had this younger girl give us a lesson, I think her name is Erica.  She kept the jumps very low at first which made Lady hardly work at all.  I had to convince her to pick up all 4 legs to go over the jump, she kept knocking down poles.  After a while she asked if anyone wanted the jumps higher and I said I did, I was the only one! She put them up to around 2'9" for me to do the course again and Lady was perfect and finally a little more awake!  At the very end she put up one jump (an oxer) to nearly 3'6" and told me to do a bending line to it!  After some arguing with Lady to convince her to really canter... not just plod along we galloped up to it and were perfect! I didn't realize when she put it up that she took the ground rail (pole on the ground usually just in front of the jump) up to make the fence higher so when were coming up to it at first I didn't see a distance at all but it just felt right so we kept going... and it worked out! It was a neat feeling, not able to see exactly how far away we were but having the feeling, confidently, of it's going to work out anyway.  Here is a picture of Lady and I at the end of the lesson in the mirror... I don't know why we stopped right in front of the string that hangs in the middle of the mirror... that was kind of dumb!
Maybe now you can picture us better galloping around in our lessons.  She is a big girl... everything about her is big: feet, bum, head, attitude, stride... but that makes it lots of fun!  Sometimes I sing this song to her when we are going around the course:

Now I am off to bed, tomorrow I am having an Early Birthday Party at my place!  I better get my beauty sleep ;)  What if someone shows up wearing leather pants and suspenders tomorrow?!?! hahahaha that would be amazingggg!  I will take a picture if it happens, but it is doubtful :(

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