Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." ~ Shakespeare

So, this past weekend I went to Göteborg to visit my friend Rosanne who lives there, well just outside of the city in Kungsbacka.  And, because it took me SOOO long to get these pictures posted I am going to give you the abbreviated version of the trip... cliff notes.  I think it is odd that in English we say Gothenburg and in Swedish it sounds like Yetiboy.  Rosanne says it both ways which has led me to say it both ways also which is a bit confusing in my head at times.
I arrived Thursday, Rosanne and I went to this club called Sticky Fingers.  Here she is getting ready, wearing pants too tight to easily bend over to do her shoe... a scene a lot of us girls can relate to I think ;)
 We had a great time, the place had 3 floors of music: basement/smoking lounge = heavy metal, middle floor/ normal bar = rock, top/ intense dance floor = dance your ass off music.  We left there and I left my phone in the taxi by accident and the taxi driver called half the people in my phone I think looking for me!  Luckily we got it back the next day, Rosanne met him at the main train station and he had it safe and sound.  

While Rosanne was retrieving my phone I got my hair cut at Temple Lounge by this really awesome guy (he did Rosanne's new hair above earlier in the week).  So, here we have a before:
 And after:
 I went for a short bob for the summer!  It was light and easy.  He also super cleaned my hair getting rid of all the left over red I put in in the winter, so now it is much lighter.  I love it and feel super fun in it!    Then we walked ALLLLLL over the city looking for somewhere to eat... this is apparently a famous church.  But, according to Rosanne everything is famous... I think she just means well known.
 The square where all the trams come together, a bit chaotic.  
 Then we had some Indian food for lunch, went back to Kungsbacka, only after she got me lost driving home and I had to drive through the busiest part of Göteborg right when everyone gets off work!  I have never been so anxious driving in my life, I was sure we were going to get run over by a tram or run over a pedestrian!

The next day we went to a beach a little ways from her house, a beach onto the OCEAN!!!
 It was so warm we were sweating sitting still so we thought about going for a dip...
 But this is as far as we got, I am only on the edge with my feet barely in!  Then suddenly, out of no where, two huge swans swam up!
 After that is was back to Göteborg to see the First of May parade.  The University there puts on this parade with floats that represent different things that has happened over the past year.  
 Marching bands and baton twirlers where abundent.
 This is float about yogurt.  Apparently at one point the Turkish yogurt pictured a Greek man on the label of their yogurt, or the other way around or something... it became a huge deal of course.
 Here is a ship attacking Gaza I think...
 People bathing in poop water... yuck.
 An awesome horse!  

After the parade we went back to Kungsbacka to go to a birthday party of a friend of Rosanne's in a local bar.  We got there and realized that Rosanne didn't really know that many people and they were all quit young.  Luckily we ran into a guy she used to date and hung out with him and his drunk friends.  Then we went to the club across the street which was horrible.  We payed money to get in a be pushed around by strangers and luckily we left soon.  I felt a bit bad because that place is Rosanne's favorite place in that town but it was so full and crowded.  BUT!!! On the way home we nearly stepped on a HEDGEHOG!!
 Do you remember it was one of my goals for Sweden, to see a hedgehog?!?  It was so cute and adorable, Rosanne actually touched it!!!

 The next day we went to see the Arla cows get released into the fields.  The dairy cows have been trapped in the barn all winter and this is their first trip outside!  It is a huge marketing thing, and happened to coincide with the first of May festivities.

And now, prepare yourself for a TON of cows!!  Here are the first ones, the favorites the farmer said:

 This one is even mid jump!! So cute!

 These guys stood right in the way and constantly got ran into by cows coming out at full blast.

 Strangely they all seemed to want to go right back into the barn once they had a little run...
 Here is Rosanne diligently watching the cows/fearing for her life when they came too close.
 Here is the barn they had been in all winter!
 And, they had baby cows for you to see and pet!
 This is Robby, Rosanne's Mom's boyfriend petting a cow that was one month old.
 And here is Karin, just one week old!!!
 So tiny and adorable!
 Here is the barns... how picturesque is that?!

 And, after a day of packing, going grocery shopping and finally a family dinner we headed back to Orrefors. And, just as we were leaving the big city area there was a rainbow.
 You could see BOTH ends! I felt it was a good sign but Rosanne is too cautious of a driver to look properly at it... which I guess is good for me.
I took the rainbow to be a good sign, the end of a great weekend and the beginning of a hopefully very good week at school!  We made it back around 11, Rosanne slept the last hour and both even made it to school on time the next morning, though we were very tired.  I am so glad I went and I agree that Göteborg is a beautiful city and Kungsbacka is also, and good people :)  

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program of glass!!  .... starting tomorrow... haha, sorry 


  1. sounds like a fun trip! Heard about the phone adventure... good thing you have family there!
    Thank you Karlströms!