Thursday, May 26, 2011

"He has Van Gogh's ear for music." ~ Billy Wilder

OK, remember these from the other day?  Well, my camera was charged and ready to take pictures again today!! So, here they are (plus songs they remind me of):
Shiny metallic inside!! 
 And you can kind of see the stripy stripe I was going for in the middle.. next time it will be better I am sure :)
 And the Sweet Briar plate:
 "Sweet you rock,
 "sweet you roll,
 "sweet like honey to my soul."
 I mean, who doesn't like Dave Matthews?!  Here is a video for that song: Crash Into Me.

 Remember all those wineglasses I made a while back with Sigrid?  Well, it turned out to be a BUNCH!  So, I popped the tops off and then went about decorating their stems in different styles.
 This is one is the grippy indents that you see in riding crops or golf clubs or something like that.
 Three, even, straight lines going straight down (kind of hard to see).
 And spirals around, as if there is string wrapped around the stem.
 This is so you can easily grip your wineglass full of  Gewürztraminer while eating your fried chicken.  I read in The Wine Bible, while taking a class at SBC, that they good well together and I totally agree!  The only problem was greasy fingers... these wineglasses are the answer to an age old, wide spread dilemma!
"Drop dead legs, pretty smile..." Van Halen (youtube). 
Now I am officially done with the semester end project! And, I am pleased with how it came out... not everything is perfect but all in all pretty damn good :)

Today I worked in the factory in the morning blowing some whiskey glasses.  Even after all this time they are still really hard! I think I got a few good ones, I will see how wonky they look in the morning I suppose...

In the afternoon I went to the cold shop where Rebecca helped me set up a photo shoot for my glass.  It is nearing the end of the school year and I need to prioritize and clean out my cupboard.  So, I took pictures of glasses that I like and won't be taking home with me and some that I like even more and will be attempting to take home with me!  She let me borrow some cardboard backgrounds and a tripod and I sat outside most of the afternoon taking tons of pictures.  I think they turned out well and since you have seen all the pieces over the past year I am not going to feature them again.  But, I do plan on fixing up the pictures this weekend and will maybe show you some of the best shot ones.  

I am not making any promises though, this Saturday is the exhibition for the graduating 3rd years, the Art Glass students and then lots of celebrating... So, I am not too sure I will be up for doing a whole lot on Sunday but I will try! Don't worry I will take pictures of some of the pieces in the exhibit :)  And (!!) Friday is International Food Day in Nybro. I am going with Sigrid, Vegard and kids to enjoy free, hopefully delicious food!!! I can't wait :)

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  1. Love the spiral glass. CAN'T WAIT to see you!!!