Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

Well, after a week of cold the weekend turned out be really nice and warm! Spring is official upon us here in Orrefors, or as many of the people here call it, Summer.  They clearly know nothing about 100F days with humidity... I remember all too well and am trying to enjoy my SPRING as much as possible!
This is the house were some poor kid was killed by a maniac in their tent... its sort of infamous around here.
 The important people house.

I went riding Thursday and Friday, I am so happy to be back on schedule with that! Who would have thought that after 2 weeks my legs would be SO sore!  Thursday I had a jumping lesson and rode Poseidon, the one who is a bit of a chicken shit.  He was not in the mood for jumping and tried to stop at every jump! The course was super hard and confusing and had really tight turns but it was fun.  At the end of the course was this water jump (which Poseidon HATES) and then a hairpin turn back to an oxer.  He made it over the water but flew the air with such force that I lost my stirrups which doesn't happen often.  I made the turn back to the other jump expecting him to stop at it but at the last second I feel him get ready to take off.  I don't have my stirrups yet and I suddenly decide I can't stop him, that would teach the opposite of what I want so I let him jump.... OHMYGOD! As we lifted off I heard the collective gasp of everyone in the ring and then as we flew through the air, my only contact with the horse being the end of the reins, I think "just land on the horse, just land on the horse!" and I did!! Then as we galloped away there was a collective "heregud! (oh my god)" and laugh from everyone.  Pia goes "you have amazing balance! Do it again."  It was GREAT!! My adrenaline was pumping for about 30 minutes afterwards and I couldn't stop smiling.  Haha, I was never scared and it worked out!!!

Friday's lesson was much more sane, we did dressage outside in the field.  I went back to my relaxed english hack style being outside and instantly got reprimanded and told to make the horse work!  Pia also told me I need to start jogging or something to work up my stamina... uhg.

Saturday I spent some time laying in a field enjoying the super warm sun:
 Then went over to Sigrid and Vegard's for their kid's birthday party.  I got leftover cupcakes :)

Sunday was just relaxing and chilling.  I started doing a workout video called The Tracy Anderson Method, which kicked my ass.  But, I will tell you more about it later.

Here is a cup I made last week with Sigrid when I got tired of plates:
 Monday and today I have worked with Rosanne trying to make this special piece for her year end project.  It is not going well at all.  Today we made something, sort of close... but still pretty bad.  So, I have nothing completed to show you, oh, maybe there is a really bad encalmo.  I will find it later!

But after school today Rosanne and I went to the big lake and sat here drinking coffee and relaxing for a while :)  I am so happy spring is here!!!

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