Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"This too shall pass..."

So, back pain again... YUCK!  Looks like I over did it yesterday :(  It really felt a lot better though! Today it has gotten increasingly worse... not fun... I guess I will have to be calm tomorrow too... uhg.  The good news is that I have TONS of cold working to do so there is that to distract me from blowing I suppose.

Today I did hobble to school to see the pieces I made yesterday, only to find out my battery was almost dead on the camera and I managed to get these TWO pictures in!  Here is the encalmo bowl with a stripe of solid color on the bottom, a stripe with stripes in the middle and a clear rim... See? It is exactly how I described it! haha.  The inside is metallic which is pretty cool but the camera didn't last that long sadly.
 And here is my Sweet Briar plate! Pink and green a bit swirled... which I def did on purpose!  I like it anyway and will probably keep it because I like the colors... I didn't pick it up though now that I think about it... it might have a crazy back side!

So, today I have watched more Harry Potter... my brain is soon going to be filled with HP mush (only #7, part 1 to go) and ate the rest of my gyro pizza!  Not too bad of a day except I couldn't move around a whole lot... tomorrow will be better! I can feel it in me bones!  :)

On a completely random note I have some kind of exciting news!  I have lightly followed this yoga guy's blog called Yeah Dave for a long while.  He has a book (which I keep meaning to buy) about living in the moment, chocolate and wine, music and life philosophies.  I like it because his message is serious, he seriously believes it but he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously which makes it easier for me to like him.  I am not so good at listening to other life philosophers because I always feel they are so pretentious.  He does the Yoga for Foodies thing which has been featured in the NY Times and held alllll over which sounds like tons of fun to me.  So, he has this thing where each day you should find something Funny, something Beautiful and something Delicious and asked his readers to send in a picture of one of these moments in their life.  He was going to pick the best picture for a winner of chocolate and feature many of the other pictures on his webpage... I didn't really think of it and sent in this picture on a complete whim:
I took it one day laying in a field sun bathing on one of the super warm first days of spring, I've posted in here before.  Well, after some emailing back and forth, talking about the picture, finding out that Yeah Dave is supposed to come to Stockholm in the fall (!!) I got email saying that I was a finalist and would have a permanent spot on his webpage! I didn't win, the winner was a cute picture of a dog next to a computer, but I did get a really good coupon to the chocolate site!  It is called Vosges Haut-Chocolat and has all sorts of super delicious looking things (don't click on the link unless you are prepared to be VERY tempted)!  So, I am currently trying to figure out what to get with my coupon... maybe a bacon chocolate bar and some cake mix?!  I'm not going to say I'm not drooling already.

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  1. Nice photo, you could almost think that we have a jungle here in Sweden ;)