Friday, May 13, 2011

"A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.” ~ Heraclitus of Ephesus

Sorry about not posting yesterday, the internet was acting weird.  It is again today but I am going to try anyway!  My connection keeps going in and out... tres weird.

This is almost what Rosanne wants, but it is closest we have come all week to getting it:
 She wants two inter-lapping bowls which will either make a plate or vase... it is hard to explain and even harder to understand and EVEN harder to make!  It has been incredibly frustrating for both of us and seems a bit impossible.  It is hard because when we work on this it takes FOREVER so I do a lot of sitting around then sitting around keeping one piece warm and bla bla bla.  It is super boring AND super frustrating.  But, don't tell Rosanne I said that! Haha, I think she knows already and feels a bit bad about it.
 Here we got Micke and Ake to try to make some super fancy wineglasses for us:
 The stem has 4 air bubbles which twirl around in a spiral! Very cool.  Vegard and I are going to try to make those soon :)  It was super hot in the hot shop and we were having a bad day with our wineglasses so it was nice to have a distraction.  I think that they like to play some too, they also tried another technique with a steam stick but it didn't work too well.
 The trees in front of my house are blooming!! It is so nice and fragrant here!! Lots of pollen too, everything is yellow but it is so pretty I don't care!
 Here is my fancy and really truely made encalmo!  I did it without cheating and it turned out pretty damn cool.
 I put the handles on the side to cover up a mistake and they even turned out nice too!  I forgot the matchbook but it is not that good, not that small really.  I like and can't wait to do it again!
 This week in the cold shop I have been working on what to do with that three colored plate which turned out with kind of weirdly all the same colors.  I thought that if I sandblast it the colors might show more and it might be more interesting.  I wanted something that went over the whole plate and have always loved Escher so I am doing his Sky and Water:

It is kind of interesting, some people who are all into being artistic and designing have NO IDEA who Escher is!!! I mean COME ON! He is so famous and his work is so recognizable! I messed up at the bottom so that is why the fish are covered with more tape, I accidentally cut away the wrong part.  I am excited to see how it comes out in the end and I think it should look cool!

I have also worked some of doing cuts in the stem of wineglasses.  You know when your wineglass stem has 6 straight sides?  That is done on the deep cutting wheel! So, I am trying to do that on a few, I think it looks nice and can be used to cover up slight uneven-ness.  Vegard just makes fun of me and says I am ruining a perfectly good stem, but what does he know?!?

Now I am off to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow to blow my ariel!!! 

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