Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"here comes the story of the hurricane..." ~ Dylan

First off, I am suddenly back to be constantly hungry all the time, all I can think about is eating food when I am not blowing glass for the last few days! What is wrong with me?!?  But, I try to keep myself occupied by reading recipes and finding fun, slightly healthy ways to feed myself.  I got overly excited about it being summer here (it snowed again today) and found this summery salad to make:
Chicken Salad with Feta, Corn & Blueberries!!  The picture if from Pioneer Woman, mine was more covered in sauce and so much less pretty but very good.  I was OK with having more sauce because mine was made with soy creme fresh instead of mayonnaise and half and half... not so heavy really.  It was amazingly good and all I missed was a nice glass of chilled white wine!!

OK, so now that I have gotten that off my chest... I am already thinking about eating it again!  Haha, so now onto glass!
 These are the glasses I worked on last week.  I think I made 5 good ones that I am going to keep and one day drink champagne out of!
 This is what I worked on with Thomas!!! A jug in a jug!  
 Apparently this video was seen

 and Thomas wanted to rise to the challenge.  He made a few, but needed an assistant since Swedish glass doesn't stay hot as long as American glass.  It was fun to help and I want to try it with Vegard one day when we are bored :)

I have also done some deep cutting on a clear graal blank that I had made as a practice for the colors.  My plan is to use it for ariel.  I will cover it with a clear bubble trapping air in the deep spaces I have carved making a cool design with bubbles!
 They are sort of firework patterns.
 And one on the tip, which will be the bottom of the finished piece, just to test it out.

 I like these two pictures, you can see the design through the design and below is the star on the tip through the hole on the end were I will attach it to a hot pipe.
 On Tuesday Vegard and I wanted to do some encalmo where you make different layers or stripes of color on a piece so we got to raid the color pantry at school!!  Look at all the colors we found!!!!
 So, while the colors were heating up we practiced with clear.  We had only seen this on the internet and had no teachers around to help us so it was a bit awkward and absurd but we did it!! 
 FIVE, yes 5, layers of clear glass!!  We both did the first two, then swapped back and forth making the next layer and adding it on.  It was super hard and confusing and I am sure there are better ways to do it then we did, but it worked, it is a piece of glass and could even hold water I think! It is pretty big but not too heavy because some of the stripes are quit thin (oops).  
I was really pleased and impressed with us, Vegard didn't seem to care too much, be he doesn't get excited about much. 
Then Vegard made a HUGE plate with three colors but we did it with the technique we have already been using with a cup of color, add clear and then just kept adding color.  His turned out super cool and HUGE but mine got messed up pretty early on and only made it this far:
But the colors are great, maybe I can do some cool facet cutting on it or something since there is so much clear glass around the colors?  I saved it just in case.  I will have to take a picture of Vegard's plate for you later.

At the end of the day I worked with Sigrid and we just couldn't do anything right, I am not sure but we seem to be bad luck for each other!  I finally made this bowl, but it was our 3rd attempt at making anything!
 It weighs a ton and has been deemed the "hurricane bowl" for when you are tired of your table wear blowing away while you are having tea outside enjoying the weather... this one will stay through anything!
 Haha, I guess this is why I am in school, to make weird stuff like this!

Today was much better though, we made BIG plates and I can't wait to see them tomorrow :)  After school I went to the gym with Sigrid, she did spin and I did medel but after that they were starting this "I'm On Fire; Dans Fuego" thing kind of like Zumba I think.  We watched for a while but it was hard to take serious because the dude teaching the class was this blond, floppy haired, overly tan, too good looking guy dancing in front of probably 30 woman!  It was pretty absurd, but maybe fun, I might try it later when there are less people interested!

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