Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate." ~ Emily Dickinson

So, last week was the week of plates! I made this plate first with Sigrid:
 It is done with the same technique where you make a cup of white, drop in some blue and then blow a big plate! I really like the colors, I wish the blue was stronger but its pretty cool.  The weird thing is the outie belly button which happened because I put the foot on a too thin bottom so it pushed in :(
 But maybe you can stack carrot sticks around it like a tepee?  haha who knows!
 On Friday Micke made these HUGE square vases that he blew in a mold.  You can see the mold sitting sideways next to the stairs.  On his pipe is one solid gather of glass at this moment.
 He made a post (put air in it), then gathered in black that the factory has.  Ake is using a scoop on it to smooth it and even out the heat.
 Then Micke blew it bigger and longer and then dropped it in the mold.
 And blew and blew and blew and blew down all the piggies houses (haha I crack myself up).
 It is really thick, about an inch and very long with straight sides.
 Here Ake is smoothing out the sides while Micke rolls and allows the piece to cool down some.
 and TAAAA-DAAAaaaaa like magic.  He makes it look so easy!!
 I also made this plate with 3 different colors.  The slightly depressing part is it appears I picked 3 colors that are almost the same!!!
 It is supposed to be red on the outside rim, purple in the middle and blue in the very center of the plate.
 Very nice shape though :)
 Here you can kind of see the colors with the flash... but is really hard in real life!
 But, in real life and not film you can see the red rim which is cool.  I am pleased with the shape and size and everything like that... but displeased by the lack of exciting colors because it was really difficult to do 3 colors!
 Here you can even see how straight I managed to keep them! 
I have talked to the teachers about maybe sandblasting some sort of pattern on it to maybe bring out the colors more... maybe?   We will see, I have no idea what pattern though... I keep thinking of flowers and butterflies since it is spring here but that is so over done... and not very exciting.  We will see what I come up with. But, I should go to bed so I can think of something tomorrow!

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