Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." ~ Anton Chekhov

Don't worry I haven't dropped any glass recently, KNOCK ON WOOD NOW!, but I just liked the quote.  This post has tons of glass for you guys! Just to prove that I do more then watch weird European shows and drink away my weekends!

So, in the last few weeks of school we have free production, we were supposed to turn in some sketches of what we wanted to make so the teachers could help us plan and get organized.  I turned in a sketch of a wine glass with a tulip foot and stripes, a BIG bowl with different colors layered in it with a matching big spoon and a design for a water pipe.  I know, typical, but I can't leave school without making one, that would just be weird.  Hopefully they will all work out!

 We are also all still working on some pieces for our end of the semester projects.  I made this big plate remember?  Well, the colors didn't work out too well so I thought it could use some excitement.  Over the weekend I finished cutting out my Escher design and it is finally ready to be sand blasted!  The 
"B"s on it are for black so I would remember where to cut away the tape and where not too!

 And on Friday I blew up my ariel piece!!! It turned out really nice I think:
 It had the 3 firework sort of designs on it, which got a bit distorted but you can still see all the bubbles!
 I will try to find another way to photograph it so that you can see the bubbles better, it was a bit hard in the factory.
It is super thick, but they are supposed to be apparently, but look it even has it's bubbles in the bottom!!!
 These are the pieces we made practicing doing the overlay bubble and trapping air on purpose:
 It was really interesting to see how the bubbles changed and in some places disappeared the more you worked with the piece.
 This bowl turned out really nice, the bubbles are pretty even and straight!

 Here is Vegard's work (which I helped keep warm) with the ariel!
 His actual ariel turned out kind of bad, we couldn't get the bubble over it easily because it was such a long piece but the color turned out really cool and the effect is still quite nice.  I think he might throw it away though...
 Here is the fish & fowl plate after sandblasting!
 Then I pulled all the tape off!  It is almost finished here, but needs a few more details to be done with the engraver.
 Rosanne and I have still been diligently working on her project piece, the tulip vase/plate.  We got pretty close yesterday with this piece:
 They are nearly the same size, tulip shaped and even connected.  So, today we just tried to use some color to make it better.  It did not go well! We didn't get anything accomplished and ended up very grumpy and frustrated.  I told her that tomorrow we have to do something different or I might go insane!
 After lunch I finished up my plate!
 I did the bottom, most detailed fish mostly with engraving, I couldn't get more detailed then the two above him with the sandblasting.  I like him, Grandfather Catfish... ready to suck you down when you go Noodling!
 Also, the birds got eyes, more detailed wings and beaks.
 Here is the super chaotic middle, which is awesome!
I am really pleased with the piece and now just have to finish the bottom properly so it will sit straight and I will be done with one part of the project! I am pleasantly surprised with how happy I am with it!!

Tomorrow we are going to make some wine glasses for the second half of my project and for a change from the stupid tulip catastrophe.  

Also, in other good news:
1.  Justin in back at Steep Forest Farm, where I had been keeping him before I left and getting in shape for when I return and get to ride him everyday!!  Hopefully he is behaving himself ;)
2.  Sam got us a wonderful house to live in this summer! It is owned by a distant relation of his and he wined and dined the owner, won her over with his southern charm and we get to live there this summer! So, good job Sam!! I am so happy and excited for summer, I think it will be a really nice one!!!


  1. the "Escher" plate is really nice, goood job!
    Hurrah for the house for the summer!!

  2. I agree... I love the Escher plate!! Looks like a ton of work but looks amazing. Countdown is now officially 24 days!!!