Monday, May 16, 2011

"Offfff course I willlllll, I PROMISE!" ~ Me being too agreeable Saturday night

So, the internet is still being weird and lame and is off and on... that is why there hasn't been much posting.  It is hard to do this when it is a hassle, usually its nothing, but once it becomes a pain I am easily distracted.

But! Thursday night we got to ride OUTSIDE!! This is the first time since I started riding here that we have gotten to jump outside!! We had a fun little jumper course set up in the field and this is how light it is at 9:30PM after my lesson! Pretty cool :)
 This is the twirly bubble glass that Micke and Ake showed Vegard and I how to make. Vegard made this one, it is really nice except sadly the foot broke in the annealer.
 Then on Friday I rode Poseidon again, I rode him Thursday too.  Thursday we thought he was being grumpy because the ground is a bit hard outside (it hadn't rained in forever) but he was grumpy again inside.  Weird horse.  We think maybe something scared him in another lesson because now he is even harder to convince to jump! Oh well, I still like him, but I can't wait to see JUSTIN!!!
 Saturday night was the Eurovision contest finale!  This made not one but TWO different parties in Orrefors! It was amazing! I started at Kirsten's with the usual crew of people plus Gitte and Anthony who moved away to Denmark and Kirsten's friend Irene from Norway.  
 I was overly excited about the competition, every time a new country came on I would be like "yaaaay Germany!!" and clap my hands... it was a bit embarrassing but I couldn't help it!  They were so weird and absurd!!! This is a competition of bands, each from a different country and the finale had like 30 bands competing!  Norway was already out, Sweden held strong and ended 3rd, Denmark didn't do too hot and I don't remember what happened to Finland... It was a lot of fun and by the end of the night I was convinced I was going to buy a compilation CD of all the songs in the finale... thank god I didn't! But the country that won was Azerbaijan!  Here you can see there acceptance and second rendition of their instant classic:
 It was a huge soccer stadium in Germany made over for the event.
 Very happy people...
 Absurd dancing...
 and of course heartfelt singing!  Next year the finale will be hosted in Azerbaijan... I am not exactly sure where that is... but it is EXCITING!!!
This is Kirsten and her friend Irene who went to the school a while back and next year will be going to Bornholm in Denmark!  I tried to put up some more funny pictures but for some reason it won't let me :(  very sad.  

Sunday Rosanne came over and we had a waffle making party! It was the perfect cure for my hangover and we made blueberry ones, cinnamon ones, plain, vanilla... everything we could think of.  We of course couldn't eat as many as we made so we froze the rest and I have visions of home made frozen waffles for breakfast! Surely it will be better then Eggo Waffles right?!  Hopefully!  We are talking of making a Sunday baking tradition... now that we have one month left!  So, next Sunday it is more Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns)!

Here is the actual video of the song that won if you are reallllllllllllllllly curious:

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