Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

 It is kind of hard to see from this picture but for the past few days we have had some super dark clouds right against some really white ones.  It is making for a really beautiful and dynamic sky, and is a nice contrast to the lime green trees and super red houses.  This is my house with the pear trees in the front yard in full bloom!

But, in school for the past few days in the cold shop I have been working on a traditional diamond.  It is a requirement for the first years to make one in the cold shop and it always leads to lots of complaining because it is boring but usually very nice results!
First you start with a big blob of glass as shown on the right... 
 Cut in the 6 big facets which will come to a point, then the 6 that round the edge to make it not a pyramid.  
 Then if you are like me you keep adding facets until you are bored.  I forgot to count... but I think I have 32 or so on my diamond.
 Which makes it quite nice and sparkely and I LIKE it!
I have big plans for it... OK, not really, I am just going to smile and place it in a window sill so I can watch it sparkle and make rainbows and think fondly back to my first year here at Orrefors and how we all have one.

Wow, that was much more sentimental then I had originally thought... but it is true.  Next week I have to clean out my shelf at school one last time and set aside the things that I truly am going to finish and keep and chuck the rest.  I talked to Rebecca and she is going to help me photograph some of my pieces which aren't going to make it back to the US.  It is kind of daunting... guess that means I better go to sleep so I can do it!!

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