Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"You've got bad eating habits if you use a grocery cart in 7-Eleven." ~ Denis Miller

Well, today was like many other Tuesdays... nothing exceptionally exciting to announce.  I guess that is what is good about Tuesdays... they are often pretty calm and reasonable days.  You are over the exhaustion of Monday, not bored with the week already like Wednesdays or wishing it was Friday when it is actually Thursday.  The odd thing about this Tuesday is I walked around almost all day thinking it was Wednesday.  Not that it mattered much, days of the week are kind of arbitrary here in Orrefors... well at least for me.

I was in the hot shop in the morning working with Rosanne! It has been ages since I have worked with her and it was nice to joke and make fun of each other again while trying to make whatever.  She was making candle dishes with color on the inside, pretty cool but sadly didn't need much assisting.  I later made things with spouts! I got Stig-Allan to show me and it was really simple.  But, as many things are, very difficult to actually do!  You make your basic shape, put a big HOT pile of glass in one spot and blow.  This creates a bubble and they you grab that bubble and pull it into a spout.  Who would have thought of that!??! Not me, well at least not for a long while!  I made some pretty horrible looking tea pots.  I can't wait to see them tomorrow! Stig-Allan also showed me this design for a white wine decanter.  You have a bubble blown into the vessel which holds ice to keep the wine cool! You did that in the same way, big hot pile of glass but this time suck and it goes into the piece! It looked really horrible when I tried it but I am sure it will get better! 

In the afternoon I went into the cold shop.  I tried to carve on that big purple straight up and down vase and messed it all up.  So, then I was a little unmotivated to do anything else.  Oh well.  I tried to design some cool designs for some of the pieces I already have with sandblasting and cutting away big parts.  I am not sure and think that maybe I am a little over ambitious in my thinking.  We will see what Tove and Rebecca say when I try to convince them to show me how to do it.  It started to snow while I was in the cold shop, which was kid of distracting for me... and hasn't stopped snowing yet! It is actually 12:18 at night and we have several inches building up.    Here is how it looked after school today:

After school I went to the gym with Rosanne.  I worked my legs and middle part of my body... and I can already feel my bum muscles getting sore... I think I might feel it tomorrow! Which is good though, that is why I am going!!  Then we went to the grocery and all of this was done with Rosanne driving in the snow for the very first time.  We get in and start towards the main road and she is like "So, is there anything in particular I need to know about driving in this?"  and I was like "oh god, we are going to die!" no, I told her the basic pointers and she did just fine, a few moments of concern when driving over snow drifts and through big puddles but all in all very OK.  

Then I got home and found out I had a package!!! 
Eva (my aunt) sent me this in the mail! A scarf she made, some reflector arm bracelets and a funny postcard.  She said it was supposed to be my Christmas present but with all the snow she thought I could use it now! What perfect timing!! The scarf is super soft and looks really nice and warm, I will wear it tomorrow morning when I go out to brave the blizzard on my walk to school (never mind that is is 5 seconds... it is a COLD 5 seconds there!)  THANK YOU EVA!!!!

So, today was actually not like every other Tuesday, it snowed, Rosanne drove in snow for the first time (she likes my risotto by the way, we had it for dinner), and I got a great package!!!  And, tomorrow I get to see my spout pieces... sorry no pictures of glass today, I just made normal bowls yesterday (I think 8 or 9) and they aren't much to look at really.

PS: Hi Carrie! I am glad you blog stalk me! Miss you!
PPS: I know the quote at the top has nothing really in common with this post, but I didn't know what else to put and I thought it was pretty funny :)

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