Tuesday, November 2, 2010

“If we really think that home is elsewhere and that this life is a 'wandering to find home,'' why should we not look forward to the arrival?” ~ CS Lewis

In a few short hours Sam arrives! HOORAY! In the mean time I need to clean and shower and in general try to make things nice! I signed up to receive a text message when his plane landed, that was a mistake, now I am counting down the time until his train arrives! 

I thought I would do today's post right after school.  I didn't want to forget tonight.  Soooo here you are:

Today we had to spend the WHOLE day in the cold shop.  It is the last day this week that the cold shop is open and they wanted us to get lots of stuff done I guess.  Who knows.  In the morning I finished the bottoms on some bowls, made some beads, OH! and sandblasted! I sandblasted those sugar bowls I made a couple of weeks ago.  They look pretty cool I think:
 And a small vase...
 This one ^ still has a clear lip and foot.  Also the inside isn't sandblasted.
 This one has just a clear lip.  Sorry the picture is sideways... but it looks kind of neat and outer-spacy.
 The vase has two clear stripes.
 And they connect in the bottom.  It is kind of cool but nothing too special really.

In the afternoon I worked on this big jug I made.  I wish I could come up with a better word for that... maybe Karaffe?  Can you use a karaffe for anything or just sake?  Here is what I made...

 I cut the top at an angle yesterday and did the bottom design today.
 Here is a close up.  It is hard to see...  I did it on the flower cutting wheel but tried to make it look like deep cutting.  The piece is too thin for deep cutting but this kind of worked.  
I like it a lot and it is so big! 

I also finished the bottoms on some more vases and some tiny cats I made.  

 cats are even harder to photograph then normal glass!

I also made these two vases yesterday.  I think I made one more but it cracked.  If you remember it was not an exceptionally good day... but these turned out nicely!

 Pink with blue spots on the bottom... blue bum! haha

 This one is all blue dots.
Here you can see better I think.

I have realized two things since writing this blog and this post in particular... 
1.  I need to take a class or something on how to photograph art and most importantly glass.
2.  I really need a manicure or something... look at this mess:
 OK, they look worse in real life.  And you can't see all the cuts and stuff on the underside of the fingers.  My hands have seen better days! I try to cut my nails and keep them reasonable and clean but it takes 2 days of no blowing to get clean after just one day of blowing!
This thumb has a but that goes from the skin, across the cuticle and actually cut my nail too.  WTF!

Maybe I will get a manicure when I first start Christmas break and I can enjoy nice nails until I come back to school! Until then... I will just try to hide my hands when in polite company! haha.

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