Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Taaa-effing-daaaaa!" ~ me

PICTURES!!! hooray!!!! Apparently, I missed the whole needing to log in, log out, change a setting, log on and off again baloney that it takes to reset your storage options... whoops.  I thought google was supposed to make things easier for everyone... NO! oh well, here are PICTURES! Yay!

So, here are the pictures I promised before of Sam and I at the castle in Kalmar...
 canons, water... 
 gleaming windows on the castle...
 the crown topper on the castle
 the only inside part we really got to see.
 beautiful though :)
It was very nice and romantic, and Sam's first castle!

OK, moving right along to some more of Sam's trip...
That same day I had some of my friends over to hangout and get to know Sam a little better.  It wasn't many of us since most of the school was home for their Autumn Holiday.  I also don't know why Nick (crazy hat and beard) is in nearly every picture... oh well.
 Jokke (one the left) and Sam really hit if off! I don't remember what they talked about but they bonded.  Oh! I remember, it was something along the lines of if you have beard you can do anything you want... in Spain?  Who knows, clearly it was an odd conversation.
 Here, Nick is doing a taste test of the two whiskeys at the party.  We had Grants and something else.  Everyone at the table agreed that the other (much cheaper) one was better.  Stupid Grants... 
 Kirsten and Anniina even made it out on a Friday night! It was a lot of fun... Nils was there too but never got in a picture I suppose.  We sat around laughing at each other, listening to good music thanks to youtube, and taste testing different Swedish beer that Sam and I got at Systembolaget.

The next day he and I went to Norrköping to visit the fam.  Sam got to meet my Uncle as well as my two older cousins Hans and Magnus.  Eva had met him previous on one of her trips to visit my mom in NC.  Eva cooked a wonderful dinner and dessert and afterwards when we were all super full Sam and I went on a walk with Magnus and Hans.  We were supposed to go see the lights on the waterfalls in the old industrial part of town... Sadly, the whole town was very dark, almost no people out and absolutely no lights on anything.  
Here is a shot of the waterfall to give you an idea: 
 The walk did help us recover from the food comas which were setting in.  The next day Anders (uncle) took Sam and I to see the rock carvings in town.  They are from the Bronze Age and are pretty cool.  
 You can barely see them in red at Sam's feet.  There are boats, and cult scenes and some animals.  I have to admit they are cooler when it isn't below freezing out.  
Here is the Sun God I think:
 Then on Monday Sam and I went to Örland.  It is a huge island just off the coast of Kalmar... ok, maybe not huge, but very large.  They have windmills (old and new) and burial sites from a billion years ago, the ocean and some arts stuff also.  Sam and I happened along this camping site on the Baltic Sea side of the island.  It was noted in a sign to be important because it is one of the only places where the grazing meadow goes directly to the sea.  There is no beach of any sort.  Here is Sam freezing to death again...
 But there was this cool stone pier you could walk on and in the summer I believe swim from also... I walked out and then got promptly hit by a big wave and soaked from the knees down...  IT WAS SOOO COLD!
 Sam went out and managed to leap over most of the waves but also ended up getting kind of wet.  We had to tour the rest of the island from the car after that.  

So, since this is kind of confusing since I know you aren't all Swedish geography buffs here is map:
The dot is on Kalmar, where the castle is, to the east is Örland, the island, and I live just to the west of Nybro on route 31 in Orrefors.  

OK, I am off to bed, next time I will have more pictures and etc! I am super happy this is finally up and going again... I was starting to feel like a complete slacker by not posting anything for DAYS! 

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