Thursday, November 25, 2010

"When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not." - Mark Twain

Today is Rosanne's Birthday! The big 2-1!  Well, it is not such a big deal here, she can already drink, drive, vote and buy lottery tickets (not necessarily in that order I hope).  Anyway, she turned 21.  I got her a coffee cup from Preem (a gas station here) who sells her favorite coffee and has a lid so she can take it into the cold shop with her!  Then this evening we went to Kalmar to have sushi and to wander around the shops some while they were actually open for once!  It was really nice and I even dressed up some for the occasion!
I am wearing my fancy long wool coat from Mamma and feel like a "real" Swede! 
 Rosanne was very excited about the shops being open.  Shopping is her favorite thing ever I think.
 We went into this one store that just had everything.  Like random gifts you could never find anywhere else.  I fell in love with this absurd piggy bank.  For some reason it really reminded me of Jenny... I guess it looks like it should come out of some adorable kids book.  Not that Jenny is a pig... or a ballerina... 
 They also had this hilarious notebook.  
Then after H&M and freezing our asses off shopping in the cold we went to get sushi.  I felt brave and ordered the 12 piece plate SURPRISE! The give you 12 pieces of whatever you want.  Rosanne was like "what if it is all leftovers?!?!"  I figured sushi leftovers are good to me! It was a california roll of sorts, salmon, shrimp, tuna (with hot sauce), white fish (no idea what kind with KILLER hot sauce), smoked eel and tofu.  I was very pleased with my assortment.  I am starting to fall in love with this sushi place... and walking in the snow in Kalmar even though I almost fell down a few times... Rosanne didn't help because she kept pushing me.  It was really nice, all the shops were decorated for Christmas and it was snowing and cold and fun... and we had hot coffee (from Preem of course) with us!

At school today I was in the hot shop all day! In the morning I blew a few glasses and then tried to do this big square bottle mold.  The problem was I kept blowing the top part too big trying to have enough glass that it wouldn't fit in the damn mold! Talk about frustrating.  A lot of people were having a hard time today for some reason.  I blame it on the snow... it is still snowing... I don't think it will stop until SUNDAY!  Here is what it looked like going to school today:
 Rosanne literally had on 3 layers of pants, 4 shirts and 2 or 3 scarfs! 
 The bushes are getting crushed! It is insane!
 The icicles of death are getting more precarious.  I can't wait to see them Monday!

In the afternoon I worked in the glory hole with Maja. I made some big bottles where I pulled the neck long again.  These were in color and lots of fun.  It is always amazing to me how the colors act so differently when you heat them compared to the clear glass.  For some reason today the glory hole was super hot and I nearly lost a few pieces but managed to save them! I was very pleased with my afternoon as opposed to my morning!  I think I will have some fun things tomorrow :)

Here are some super quickly taken pictures of what I made yesterday:
 Tall bottles with LONG skinny necks! 
A spout pot AND my first attempt at anything with a stem and foot!!! It is a super thick tiny shot glass with a crooked foot that doesn't really stand straight! I will try to do better, but I was pretty pleased... I mean it sort of looks like it supposed to!  I had to take super quick pictures because I had to rush from filling out the insurance form for my teeth with Stig-Allan (who not surprisingly types with just his pointer fingers) to go meet Rosanne to go to Kalmar before all the shops closed!!  Odd side note: Stig-Allan has a daughter who is the same age as me.  We realized this doing the insurance form.

Now, I am off to do some sketches for some ideas of things I want to make before Christmas break.  We have a few weeks of free production and we are supposed to make things that are free blown and form blown and that can incorporate at least two different cold working techniques! Epp!  Better get sketching!

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