Friday, November 12, 2010

“The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up” ~ Unknown (could be any of us really!)

I am so overwhelmed by the complete lack of posting while Sam was here that I am nervous to try to catch up! We didn't do that much... but it still seemed like a lot happened.  You might have to get the main recap and then maybe over the weekend I can do a little more.

Last time I left you with... Sam eating meatballs at Ikea.  What did we do next?  Let me check my camera...

Ah! Yes, we went to the castle in Kalmar!  It was very romantic... the sun was setting over the water and the castle windows were gleaming! Sadly, it was FREEZING cold so we didn't stay that long.  Also, we got there too late to see the inside of the castle really.  We walked into the courtyard but that was all of the interior we could see.  Here are some pics:

AHHHHH! The universe is conspiring against my posting!  Apparently I have used all my free photo storage! So I have purchased more but it will take a while before I can use it.  A day or so.  Until then... this is really all you get!

OH! I have exciting news! But I have to go to school now!  I will tell you next time!

The antic-----

hahahahaha gotta love Rocky Horror!

I promise to write more tonight or tomorrow!!!!

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