Friday, November 12, 2010

“I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to run around like Dennis Rodman and head-butt somebody.” ~ Greg Norman

Still no pictures... this is sad.  I am currently sitting around procrastinating getting ready for a party by drinking beer, eating pizza, watching Legend of the Seeker (HORRIBLE btw) and warming my toes on my heater...

I do want to go to the party... I just don't want to have to undress (wearing lots of long underwear), shower (badly needed today), put clothes back on, drink some more, put on makeup, find some shoes, all that walking... you see, anything involving me not sitting down right now sounds like a bad idea.  I had a long day (went to school at 7:30 AM! yuck) and rode (Vaaaagner the obnoxious puller) and I have to be ready in 17 minutes to meet Rosanne.  The good thing is she is usually late when she has to get ready for a party.  If my luck holds out, like yesterday, she will be on time.  Yesterday I went to my ridding lesson which is supposed to start at 7:45 but NEVER does, at 8:00... often times this lesson starts at 8:15 or later.  Which leaves me cold and waiting... not this time... THIS TIME I WAS LATE... damn.  So, better go get in that shower, I now have 14 minutes and counting... uhg that means moving...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  (even if I didn't go to this party I would have to shower and stuff... I can't go to bed smelling this badly...) thirteen minutes...

still sitting here... now at 12 minutes... am getting up now I think... maybe... oh god! pain my legs!!! So tired!

now it is 3 late... I realized in the shower that I completely out of shampoo! How?!?!? I have been here 2.5 months! I had to put water in the bottle to get any soap! crap... 4 minutes late.  Still no word from Rosanne at least!

dressed! 7 minutes late... now must find some party music... Bon Jovi... CHECK!

14 minutes late... Rosanne just called! She is ready! I have everything except my hair.... I also need to trim my nails... but maybe that can wait till tomorrow...  Ok, hair and another beer.... what am I going to do with soaked hair?!!?!?! uhg.

21 minutes late... she is here and i am ready! ha! ta-da!!!

Hopefully pictures tomorrow.  I am sure they will be more interesting then this rambling junk!!! adios!

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  1. Hope the party was worth the agony of getting ready, can not wait much more for the pictures and .....