Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together."

Well, this might come as a shock to many of you who know me... and know my lazy ways...  I went to the gym today... TO WORK OUT!  Not just yoga or pilates (both of which are work outs in their own way) but actually USE THE DREADED MACHINES!!!! Which I fondly refer to as modern day torture devices... But since my riding teacher has pointed out at least twice now that my right side is much stronger and more in control thus making me ride crookedly I decided it was time to face the torture devices.  My left side has been weaker since I broke my upper arm (humerus I think) several years ago now...actually just before Sam and I met, and I am finally doing something about it.  So, maybe next time I see some of you I will be RIPPED! Haha, probably not... but hopefully nicely in shape :)  I need to get more in shape also for the glass! Today I blew an ENORMOUS (ok, maybe just really heavy) piece that I could barely hold with one hand!  I will have pictures tomorrow I promise!  ( I am not skimping out too much on pictures of stuff I have made because last week there was very little production and more observation, which I will tell you about later!)

Speaking of meeting Sam, while he was here we celebrated out 4th anniversary! We have started just going to a really nice dinner together instead of giving gifts and doing dinner.   We both really enjoy good food and it is a nice way to make a memory together.  This year I really had no idea where to take him while he was here.  I don't think there are any fancy restaurants in Nybro and I didn't really know of any in Kalmar.  The internet showed a few good choices, but nothing that stood out.  Then suddenly Monday I remembered the Kosta Glass Hotel!!!  We quickly called and made reservations and I don't think Sam had any idea what to expect.  I had raved about the food to him last year when I visited, but I am not sure how much he remembered or really knew what to expect.  We were both very pleased with the dinner I think :)

So, to get dinner kicked off we had these little crackers.  They have creme fresh, caviar, red and green onions and what appears to be a dusting of bacon... I can't remember exactly but they were GOOD! Luckily I found the menu online for the rest of the pictures!
 My starter was: Slow cooked wildboar
Served with apple compote, jerusalem artichoke cremé, nut muesli & lingon berry jus
 Sam had the chef's choice menu which had this starter: Marinated Perch
Served with fresh beetroot, green pea puré & butter foam (YES FOAM!)
 Then he had: Poached Lemon Sole
Served with fennel boullion, parsnip cremé, crispy pork & roasted fennel
Next we had frozen brains to cleanse the palate.  I am not sure exactly what flavor it was, but it was tasty, cold and really did cleanse the palate.  The froze skulls (designed by Ludvig Löfgren) were very hard to photograph.    
 But I thought this picture was hilarious and couldn't be left out.  The skull looks really cool here and I think, one of the only skulls I could imagine ever having in my home.  They look pretty cool with candles in them too.
 This was my main course:  Variation of Hare
Served with truffle crocket, oyster mushroom, goosberry jus & salsifiy 
 Sam had: Fallow Deer
Served with Svecia-cheese (Swedish cheese) terrine, spear cabbage, apples & cidersauce
 For dessert he got: Chocolate sorbet
Served with raspberry juice & meringue
 I had an Apple Variation, but ate it before I remembered to take a picture... whoops.
 Then wonderful coffee in these very pretty glasses.  They are designed by Lena Bergström and I have a feeling may have inspired some cups Maja suggested we make one day.  I have to admit they were not that easy to hold when filled with very hot liquid.  But pretty to look at...

I love the Kosta Hotel since they are really able to incorporate all the works done by the various designers both for Kosta Boda and Orrefors.  Sam and I happily shared every portion of our meal and went home very pleasantly full.  On the ride back it started to snow a little and was very romantic.  All in all, a very good anniversary I would say.  I loved the quote I found for today's post and thought it was fitting since Sam and I are able to still be together yet pursue our own dreams.  I was also happy we got to celebrate our anniversary (4 years have flown by... as they often do when having fun!) since we are so far apart.  And if you are ever in this part of Sweden and want to really wine and dine someone... take them here!  Sam said it was the fanciest place he has ever eaten. They even bring you new silverware wearing little black gloves! Adorable.  The food was wonderful, everything was delicious and nicely portioned.  OK, I am going to stop talking, my mouth is watering again... better go eat some chocolate and go to bed! 

PS: Happy Anniversary Sam!!! <3


  1. I would like to just say HOW PROUD I am of you for working out!!! And not just working out, but you even spelled the name of the bone you broke right! I miss you and we may have to go to that restaurant when JD and I come visit.

  2. the food sound and looked so good!!!
    Glad you and Sam had a good time and yeah on going to the gym wonderful, you will need that strong body for the glass and Justin too