Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am glad you are here with me! Well, sort of with me... mostly just here! Thank you for coming to see what I do and hopefully being entertained by my adventures.  

Ok, so here are some pictures of the huge pieces I made on Friday:
 Tricky bottles!
 They are supposed to be taller and rectangular, but I couldn't get them that tall yet, hopefully soon!  The next ones are the huge ones:
 Free blown pieces!
 Super thick!
 and heavy! I plan to do some facet cuts in them!
 I didn't want this one to feel bad, it is so cute!
I like the colors.  The purple one is also light blue, the two colors makes it super hard to work with but very pretty!

On Monday I worked in the cold shop in the morning doing some facet cutting on a clear piece I made to practice for those big ones:
 It has 8 perfectly straight sides!
 Kind of a beer mug without a handle...  I don't know what to do with it now...
 The sun came out for a little while in the morning! It was very exciting! First sun in weeks it seems!
It is hard to see but the snow is up past my knees at this point.  In the morning I was the first to go outside our building and I saw there was no path, I stood there for a moment trying to judge how cold and deep it was going to be.  Finally, I just closed my eyes (I don't know why) and jumped off the steps.  It turns out it was VERY COLD AND VERY DEEP!  Then I trudged to school through the snow! Luckily we have a path now!!  My toes were numb within the 2 minutes trudge to school!

In the afternoon I worked on making bubbles with a "steam stick"!
 It was Vegard's idea, he had read about it in some book.  Rebecca sent him outside in the snow to find a stick and he brought back the skinny ones.  You just get it wet, poke a narrow spot in the glass, jam the stick in and the steam creates a bubble around the end of the stick.  It grows when you move it around and burns the shit out of the stick.  VERY COOL! It was super hard but fun.  Årka (still not sure how to spell that name "Orca") showed me how in Kosta they make bowls with this technique! You gather a ton of glass, put a color blob on it, then start the steam stick bubble from the color and it makes the bubble colored and you don't need a pipe or separate punty because it opens from the outside end.  It is hard to explain...  Maybe I can make him do it again and video it!
This little idea quickly grew and started to involve 3 teachers! Stig-Allan went out into the snow and got this thicker stick, craved it up and made a bowl too! They kind of look like medieval pencils in this picture.  It was a lot of fun, but super hard and I only made one piece worth keeping but it cracked in the annealer and I threw it.  Oh well, it was really fun and a cool technique to have seen!

Today, being Tuesday... which often reminds me of this Eddie Izzard quote “We have archeology on television, and I quite like it; it’s a sort of detective thing, but it’s really true, you know it’s there… But it’s kind of slow on telly, it has this problem of, “We’ve been here three weeks on live television, and we’ve taken off about a millimeter of top soil so far…” There’s men with brushes and beards… maybe they’ve just got beards, I’m not sure… “We found this and carbon-dated it to last Tuesday, so we’re very excited…”"  Weird, now I don't know why this paragraph is going to be skinny... sorry.

So, today was Tuesday, I had a lot of my mind (hence the quote) and thought maybe I was going to have a hard time working today.  It was OK though because at the beginning Vegard suggested we work together at the big glory hole and he even went first for once!  I made 2 very thick pieces again and he worked on making some bowls with color on the outside that he will later cut away to show the clear some.  Should be really cool.  The morning went quickly and fairly productively.  I am always so exhausted after the thick pieces I never really know what to make next... I tired a few reasonable sized bowls and they were OK, we will see them tomorrow!   In the afternoon I worked in the cold shop.  It hard to be in there for hours on end when you are not motivated about what you doing.  I was excited about the final piece, but weary of the amount of time and work that it would take to complete it.  I tried to cut that big purple/blue piece into an upside down diamond... I didn't get very far, but hopefully it will go more quickly next time.  This was kind of mindless work which was good because I didn't have to concentrate, but bad because then my mind wandered all over the place.  I guess I needed something that required attention to detail but not difficult... 

Then home, a chat with the boyfriend and finally to the gym.  This was my first time going to the gym with the guys, Martin, Kresten and Bjorn go together very often.  I was a little worried I would look like an idiot but pretty much I just did my own thing and the did some heavy lifting and then we all stretched and they groaned and whined while stretching.  I am sore and tired now which is very nice.  Hopefully I will sleep well tonight and be able to be at school with a clear mind tomorrow! Hot shot all day!  Hooray!

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