Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"I know it’s been a while, sweetheart, we hardly talk, I was doin my thaaaaang." ~ Kanye

HELLO EVERYONE! I am sorry it has been so long, OK maybe not really.  I have been enjoying all my time with Sam in town.  I didn't want to waste it typing away on the internet.  Now, he is cooking risotto, which takes FOREVER so I have plenty of time ;)  But here is what has been going on since I lasted posted... I have to see what I last posted... hold on.

OK I am ready:

On Wednesday I went to school all day in the hot shop! Sam slept in the morning and then came with me in the afternoon.  He had jet-lag so I didn't want to make him do too much just relax and chill.  Maja and I were making these really cool vases where the middle touches.  They were very tricky and maybe even more tricky to describe so I will just show you a picture of one:

 This one has some blue and red color at the top.
 look at that middle... TOUCHING ITS SELF! hahahaha... sorry.
Here are 3, the one on the far right is the one Sam saw me make :)

They were really tricky and Stig-Allan laughed because the first successful one we made was the one Sam watched me make.  Stig-Allan said maybe he was my good luck charm ;)

The next day Sam had here, Thursday, he tried to document me blowing some glasses with Maja:
 Putting some color on my clear glass.
 Using the scoopa to make it all smooth and the right shape.
 I have either just blown a bubble or am waiting for it to appear or getting ready to blow a bubble.
 Some more clear glass over the colored glass.
 Frowning at something going minorly wrong...
Warming it in the glory hole...
 Blowing into a glass mold at my feet.
 Maja is bringing me a bit of glass to make a handle.
 There is the glass with the handle! Ta da!
 Here is what it will look like, well bigger and purple... but you get the idea.
 Here are some of the cool colors I got to use and make... fun stuff.  
Thank you Sam for taking all the pictures!

Then Sam and I went to Ikea to eat some traditional Swedish food! He wanted some meatballs and I had heard they were really good at Ikea and pretty cheap.  Sam got the meatballs and I got a shrimp sandwich (an first for Sam) for a late lunch.  While we were there I had a complete spaz moment and thought I had a lost my debit card! It was horrible... but low and behold I had stuck it in a different pocket in my purse! Haha idiot.  But here is a happy happy Sam enjoying some meatballs!

We also got these two goofy fellows:

 Kinion & Mitten 
Can you tell who is who?


  1. It is great to see you and your guy together enjoy your time!
    The glass looks better every time I look!

  2. Theresa,
    So great to see some pictures of you blowing glass!!
    Thank you Sam!! Sounds like you are having fun
    Miss you