Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Well, crap." ~ could have been either of my sisters really, but most likely Jennifer

I still can't find the camera! I looked at Rosanne's and so did she, I looked in my apartment (it is now very tidy) and asked my roommates and even looked in the snow outside! Maybe it is at school... one can only hope! I really had a feeling it was outside Rosanne's apartment where I ran through some deep snow, sadly it has snowed a ton since last night and I couldn't see my tracks but I cleared a 4 foot wide area where I believed I walked and searched for it! No luck.  My only hope is at school.  Rosanne says that things don't just fall out of people's pockets, that is an excuse people make up.  But, I don't know.  I will continue the search and if I don't find it I will do a regular post tomorrow or Saturday anyway.  Sorry for the delay!  Wish me luck on finding the camera!!! 


In the mean time, check this out!  (more pics and cool story on link)
A Room in the Glass Globe 21 Cute Spying Doorknob: Room in the Glass Globe by Hideyuki Nakayama

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