Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality." ~ Andy Goldsworthy

This weekend turned out to be a very pleasant relaxing weekend which was exactly what I needed after my last week.  I think I am happily recharged and ready for the next two weeks of school before Christmas break!  I can't believe that it is Christmas time already!!!

So, Saturday I went searching for the camera one last time, no luck.  I have given up hope and even if I find it when the snow melts I don't think it will work by then... especially since it got to 1C today for the first time in Nybro and it isn't supposed to get that high again for a long time.  So, looked for camera (still lost, I will have to get another on in Kalmar), went to Tempo (grocery store in town/post office) and mailed a few packages! I sent my family a little Christmas tease for when I come home :)  And then! I went cross country skiing again, this time with Kirsten though.  She helped me a lot and lent me some poles to use.  We went to the track in the woods where I used to run assuming they had made a ski/walk path already but there was nothing but virgin snow.  It was beautiful and really breathtaking but super hard! It most places the snow is above my knees when I walk so skiing that makes it half way to my knees.  I went behind Kirsten since her skis are bigger and have steel edges and she is a million times better.  I did pretty well and she was surprised how good I was!  I did fall several times, at one point Kirsten was laughing and said "I should have brought my camera! You look like the 7 year old me!" Just what I wanted to hear! Haha! I had a really good time and was sweaty and exhausted by the time I got home and we didn't even make it the whole way around the 2.5km track because it was blocked by snowed over trees!  Next time we will go to Flygsfors (the next tiny town over) and ski around the lake and take a picnic and make a whole day of it! That sounds great but pretty ambitious and exhausting, I can't lie.  But, I am looking forward to it!

Today, Sunday I went to Martin's (Dane across the street) to go to the gym (yes, I am hardcore, working out on a SUNDAY!).  I got there and we had some coffee, he has amazing good hazelnut coffee and cookies! I can't say no to cookies (I am starting to get the reputation of being a bit of a cookie monster around here)!  Then, two hours later we left to go the gym, half way there Martin realizes he is hungry and wants to stop for some food on the way there.  We stopped at Victoria's Pizza and had a gyro then finally went to the gym.  At this point Martin admits that he is actually feeling rather lazy and tired today... maybe that is why it took nearly 3 hours to get to the gym! Haha!  He does mostly upper body work and wanted to do some bench presses and I was the only one there to help him! I was sure he was going to drop the bar with the 321651981 kilos on it and crush his brain but luckily he didn't!  He even convinced me to bench press some too! I could do the bar! I thought Martin said it was 40 kilos... which would make it 88lbs, but after some google searching because I can't be that strong, I have found the average bar weights 45 lbs, about 20 kilos.  That sounds more correct... but I am still impressed with myself! The last time I tried (in high school) I couldn't even lift the bar! I kind of feel like a bad ass now ;) haha.  Maybe I will leave Sweden a bad ass glass blower and body builder?  A modern day Red Sonja finally... well with more clothes.  I couldn't find a picture with more clothes on her.  
Maybe Grant's prophecies are coming true ;)  

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