Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down I had the radio on, I was drivin' The trees went by, me and Del were singin' Little Runaway, I was flyin'" ~ Tom Petty

I have to admit I am a Tom Petty fan... sure I know he isn't the best musician in the world or most original... and his songs are often over played and too many other lame people like them.  I try to think back to when they were new, fresh, maybe still not musical masterpieces but they were cool and good.  They always make me smile and I often think of the song "Runnin' Down a Dream" when I am traveling... and the sun is shining.  Now, I am preparing to travel for a few weeks.  I will leave tomorrow to go my Aunt's for Christmas plus a few days, then Stockholm to stay the night with my cousin to then fly to NC and stay with my parents, go to VA for a week then back to NC for a longer while.  This is a lot of moving around! 

While sitting around with nothing to do today I was watching tv on and saw this ad:
Were you aware that Conan was a glass blower?  No, me either but it made me laugh!

I can't believe how today as progressed.  I went to school in the morning and we had to clean some more.  I have cleaned for days now! Luckily, we were done after lunch so I got the afternoon off to cleaning.  I decided to celebrate the first "official" day of winter with some cross-country skiing.  The weather was beautiful but FRIGID!  I never know what exactly to wear for these skiing expeditions... it is cold out, of course, but I work up a bit of a sweat doing it... then I am sweaty and cold at the same time...  I have felt this before while riding, but it hasn't prepared me for this kind of cold really.  Today, I didn't wear a hat... 
and here is a brief recap of the day in pictures:
 The morning view... OK, it was like 10 in the morning...

 A snowy haze... I don't understand it but it is beautiful!
The sun at its HIGHEST today... thank goodness the days are going to start getting longer now!!
 The beginning of the ski adventure... 
 beauuuuutiful snow as far as the eye can see!
 burying houses... not really... but almost.
 This is the sidewalk... in case you couldn't tell...
 The now on the top of the rails of the this bridge was over my head!!!
 So, I had to bend down to look at the little river underneath.
Big surprise... it is frozen.
 Now my ears are starting to get really cold... 
 A Swedish Christmas card image?  What? I can't hear you... I can't feel my ears...
 I will take this short cut home... through the snowy woods...
 This is where I found all those mushrooms in the fall.  There isn't a lot of sun here... it is even colder and now my ears are actually starting to burn with coldness.
 Nearly home, this is Stugby... it is glowing because the sun is actually shinning here... doesn't matter though, I can't feel my chin either!
 The snow is so beautiful when there are shadows!
 Here I am catching my breath... aka laying on the ground (ok, I was standing but I wanted to lay down) trying to breath in the icy air which is literally freezing my lungs and I saw this tree... and BLUE SKY!
 There is a lake somewhere under the snow on the other side of that little house...
 My eyelids may be freezing off...  or maybe there really are a million little red houses in the snow... I don't know any more... 
 I bet that tree is cold... looks like my lungs which are forming ice crystals now...
 And, there is that frozen lake again... and the SUN hooray!!
 At this point I think I was gasping for air and trying to warm my nose, ears and chin with my hands which were sweaty from trying to push myself along on the damn skis as fast as possible on flat ground to get home to the warmth.  I don't know why I took the picture... probably just wanted a reason to stop and breath.
 And, this is the view from my window... more snowy haze... it has been happening every morning and evening recently.  At first I thought the snow plow stirred up all the snow going by at a million miles/hour but I don't think so anymore... I think it is the air literally FREEZING!
And, here is my Christmas Candle (nearly done!) and my train ticket to go to Norkopping for Christmas tomorrow! 

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