Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"I fell off my pink cloud with a thud." ~ Elizabeth Taylor

Good news everyone! I got a camera today! I went to Media Mart and EL Gigantan to look at their specials and available cameras and they ware both HUGE.  Media Mart won me over with this camera, and a really nice sales lady!

The really cool and kind of weird thing is it has smile recognition! It can tell when a person smiles and then takes a picture automatically! Sneaky haha!  I am very pleased and can't wait to start using it.  I am currently charging the battery and patiently waiting for it to be ready :)

Today was a long day in the factory.  I woke up and realized that I didn't have any pants to wear to school! They were all wet in the washing machine and needed to be put in the dryer still! I had nothing to wear! I ended up going to school in exercise leggings... kind of weird feeling and not very heat resistant!  I worked in the morning with Maja which was pretty good.  It was kind of a awkward start because Micke said "Well, you always work with Maja, you guys can have that corner glory hole when she shows up" and I was like "Well, if anyone else shows up that would be better..." and he looked at me and was like "Oh! No need to say anything more..."  but Maja was the only available person for me to work with in the morning, she came and was like "are we here?" and I was like "I am, but you should go ask Ake and Micke about you" and tried not to be lame, but I think I was because she came back and was like "looks like you are stuck with me" and I couldn't tell how much of a joke it was.  Weird.  

I had a day where nothing was very easy to make so I just played with colors and made vases with weird tops.  Nothing too exciting, but I actually kept some which was nice.  After lunch (I put on some clean jeans thank goodness!) I worked with Vegard who also was not having a very easy day and he played some too.  I think the lack so of stress allowed us to make some really cool pieces.  He also worked with white color rod (where you take solid color on the pipe) for the first time which was fun and a new challange.  I mostly played with powder and coarse colors.  I saved a few pieces and so tomorrow I can take a picture of them! :-D

After school Rosanne and I were going to go to Kalmar to get a camera and go to Ikea.  She called me when I was about to walk to her place asking me to buy her a banana at Tempo, which seems like a small request, but for some reason I had to stand in line for 20 minutes to buy ONE BANANA! Then we get in the car to go and she asks me to drive and for some reason the car feels weird and was sliding a lot on the snow.  She said to go for a little bit to see if it gets better and it seemed to be getting worse and then I tried to shift to 5th gear and the car started to slow down even though I put the gas on! It was really weird and of course there is so much snow on the sides of the road there is no where to pull over.  I shifted down... crawled forward and when we finally spotted a place to pull over the car goes "POP!" and the back end swings to the side and then it was fine! Very weird!  I pulled over anyway and everything seemed fine.  We made sure the clean the snow out around the tires and Rosanne's theory is that the tail pipe was clogged with snow maybe... I have no idea... it was really weird.  I was glad that I was driving and not Rosanne, I think she would have freaked out much more then me.  Luckily we made to and from Kalmar with no problems!

Once in Kalmar we looked at cameras then went to Ikea to get Rosanne a ton of stuff and have dinner.  We were barely in time to get food but we got there and both had delicious meatball meals! I pigged out and got the big meal with 15 meatballs, potatoes, lingon, and kladdkaka!  I am not going to lie, I am still full a few hours later.  Rosanne, as usual, shopped for FOREVER in Ikea and then we went to a grocery store and she got lots of things and I got some wrapping paper for my Christmas presents! We also got Lussekaka (saffron buns) that look like this:
But, I am saving mine for lunch tomorrow since I ate so much Ikea food.  They are Rosanne's favorite food and we decided we would try to make some soon!  I think she has too much faith in my cooking skills thinking I can whip up a batch of these... but the kanelbullar turned out well...  so maybe we can pull it off!

Now, I am home, happily and have a small mountain of laundry to fold.  It really doesn't feel like Wednesday or nearly Christmas even though I bought wrapping paper and looked at decorations.  I guess my brain hasn't caught up with how quickly time is flying here!

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