Friday, December 3, 2010

"My story begins in London, not so very long ago. And yet so much has happened since then, that it seems more like an eternity." ~ Pongo, 101 Dalmations

Why 101 Dalmatians you may ask?  Did Theresa get a spotted puppy??!?!?!? 
Or a strange cow made of numbers?

No, my friends this is post # 101!!! Can you believe it?  I can really relate to the quote at the beginning on this one! I have two weeks of school left this semester and time is flying by faster and faster every day.  Soon I will be back in the US for a little visit! 
Anyway,  I haven't found my camera... very sad.  I have looked everywhere! I even looked in a nearly 6 foot wide path in the snow that I cleared around Rosanne's apartment! We cleaned the school like mad today because it is Öppet Hus (Open House) tomorrow so, we would have found it if it was there.  My room is spotless and my roommates haven't seen it.  I don't know where else it could be.  Maybe in Rosanne's apartment but I don't think so.  It might be lost forever... or at least until the snow melts :(  This is super frustrating, it is ruining my sleep and my concentration!

I am trying to think what you may have missed in the past few days... not much that I can remember, the pot has a crack in it in the furnace, so we haven't been in the hot shop much.   Wednesday I was there all day though, working on vases with a long skinny neck that squiggles about.  Hard to explain... let me find a picture on the internet.  OK, google is not being very helpful, you guys are going to have to use your imagination on this one.  I made a few, they looked really weird and it was SUPER hard! I had to pull the neck long and while it was still hot try to make it go in a "S" shape... not easy.  After school I went to Rosanne's, helped her put up some shelves, clean, dye her hair (bright orange again) and then I made dinner for us.  She told me she had some stuff: chicken, coconut milk, spice flavoring and bell peppers.  She had found some recipe.  Well, I assumed she had gotten all the ingredients for some sort of curry or eastern chicken dish.  No, she had frozen chicken, chicken broth (the spice flavoring), 2 orange peppers and about 4 cans of coconut milk.  This was like being on that show Chopped but with a VERY limited pantry to aid the creation of a dish.  I ended up creating a delicious curry dish with a ton of powdered curry, coconut milk, soy milk, lemon juice, onion and the bell peppers.  We put it over crispy pan seared chicken and rice!  I was very proud of myself, it looked like we might starve there for a while.  

Then, I went home, and a some point in all of this I lost my camera.

Thursday, I was in the cold shop all day.  IT WAS FREEZING because the hot shop wasn't in use, so it wasn't putting out any heat.  I had two aprons on me, one frontwards and one backwards creating a sort of micro-climate around my body, trapping all my body heat and stayed pretty nice and warm.  I was actually kind of glad to be in there for the day.  I woke up not feeling 100% and was a little weary of working in front of a glory hole all day.  I worked on that super thick vase I am cutting like an upside down diamond and some Christmas Balls (when I say that I mean the glass balls you hang on your christmas tree).  It was good to have two completely different things to work on so that I never got too bored.  It was a long day in the cold shop though.  Then, I went to Rosanne's and searched her apartment and snow and came back empty handed.  

Today, Friday, I was in the factory in the morning working with Maja.... and still felt pretty crappy, maybe worse then yesterday.  I couldn't make anything and the heat was super hot and the glass was different then I am used to and it was just crap.  I burned my hand and went to stick it in water to stop the blister and stuck it in a bucket of SCALDING HOT WATER by accident.  So, my whole hand turned red and swelled for a few minutes.  So much for stopping the blister right?  I went back to the cold shop after lunch and finished the Christmas Balls and started to work on this candle holder I made on Wednesday with Stig-Allan.  I had finally found on of those Advent candles where you burn down a little everyday like this sort of:
I had 3 ones that worth trying to finish but they were super thin.  They were supposed to be so that the glass won't crack when the hot wax hits it, but this made it difficult to finish the tops of them.  I broke two and just ended up with one.  THANK GOD I only need one!  I also cut my hand... the opposite hand that I burned... of course.  Also, some how in the course of the day I have lost a banana... HOW DOES SOMEONE LOOSE A WHOLE BANANA?!?!?
I guess the same way someone looses a camera.  Uhg.

I went back to Rosanne's after school again today to look more in the snow.  We get out early on Fridays and so the the sun was still out (sort of, mostly cloudy) and so it was much easier to see.  I still didn't find anything.  

I went to the barn for my riding lesson and had fairly good lesson, probably the high point of the day actually. I rode Lady and she was a real pain in the ass today, maybe she was cold too! I had to borrow extra gloves from my teacher today because I was so cold!  It was kind of odd when I came into the ring for the lesson she said "I heard there was trouble on Sunday?" and I was like "what?!?! No! She was perfect!" but was confused on why she would think there was trouble... maybe I messed up and didn't know... I don't know.  I was too cold to managed to ask her what she meant.  Sometimes my brain doesn't work when it is -12C (10F)... just like my feet, they were frozen within 1 lap around the ring I think!  I finally made it home (I thought I was going to be stuck there for a few hours for a while) after getting a ride from this SUPER shy girl in my riding lesson.

Now, I have eaten a whole delicious pizza, and am sitting in my room with my candle slowly burning down the  1 for December 1, a few days late, so what? and my heater blasting and 2 layers of clothes.  It is very nice.  I think I may stay here all weekend.  Well, move to the bed, this chair is a little hard.  I am sure next week will be better!  This is a pretty good depiction of my situation:

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