Thursday, December 16, 2010

"A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours." ~John B. Priestly

Well, this week continues to fly by! I didn't wake up confused this morning which was really nice.  I did instead hit my snooze button like 5 times and then had to fly out out of the door and eat some kanelbullar on the way to the factory!  Whoops!  When I got there I learned that today for once, I didn't need to rush... it was cleaning day.  Yuck.

Apparently, every time there is a break the last day is usually cleaning day... but it always ends up just being one or two students there who have to do the work that all of the students should be doing.  So, this year we cleaned before anyone left (people are starting to go home tomorrow already for Christmas!).  We had a long list (which included "hoovering" or vacuuming the floor in the factory!) but we got it done quickly and were able to blow some before lunch!  Vegard and I worked on making those same bowls which are wide at the bottom and straight sided, kind of shallow.  It is kind of hard to explain... sadly I didn't take any pictures of the ones we made yesterday because the trolley with all the glass on it was in the cold garage of the factory.  I went down to look at what I made and had to stand freezing with Morton for about 3 seconds, long enough to locate out pieces then run back upstairs! It was weird being downstairs, that is where they keep the pellet and powder glass and they have a HUGE mold room which takes up like half the factory!  I wish it hadn't been so cold so I could have investigated better... oh well, next time I will take a coat!

In the afternoon I was back in the factory and Vagard skipped the cold shop to work with me again.  We asked Åke to show us how to make brandy glasses... well, it turned to be very difficult.  You have to blow them quit thin and very quickly.  I tried to make 2 and couldn't get anywhere close the the right shape, kind of disappointing but now I can practice on them later when I bored maybe?  So, instead we decided to make BIGGER bowls and bowls in color.  We made a few good ones and both lost a couple.  It was a strange day but I was pleased with it in the end., and interested in seeing my pieces again tomorrow!

After school I went to Rosanne's to help her fix her desk.  Her apartment has been in a complete wreck pretty much since she moved in because her desk wasn't right and she didn't want to unpack/put stuff away before it was right.  So, finally we got that fixed and I have no idea if she managed to clean her apartment at all or not... I went to the gym with Martin, Kresten and Bjorn.  I could feel when I was doing my arms that I had spent the day making some bigger pieces and that I couldn't push as much weight around.  I didn't do too much of my legs because I ride tomorrow and didn't want to be exhausted in those muscles either!  It was a calm gym day.  Then I took the hottest shower humanly possible at the gym.  The stall furthest in has a curtain (thank god!) and I stood there and turned the water on as hot as I could stand and just stood there for, apparently, a very long time.  I have not been able to get a shower with consistently hot water in my apartment and really missed just super hot long showers.  When I came out of the room all the guys were waiting on me and thought I had done the sauna for once... but they said it was nearly the same thing.

This evening we had game night at Kresten's.  I wasn't sure what to expect... drinking? eating? boring?  It was a pleasant and SUPER low key.  We played Monopoly cards (instead of the board game) and then a Titanic board game.  It was me, Kresten, Nick, Jonatan and Bjorn this evening, sometimes it is more or different people I heard.  Around 10:30 I went to go back to my apartment which is literally the next door in the hallway and I was LOCKED OUT! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!??!

I knew the girls for some reason had started to lock the front door of our apartment, but I hadn't heard why.  Usually it isn't until 11 or 12 or some reasonable hour... often I AM locked out but I can understand that they have all gone to bed but not tonight.  I had to stand and bang on the door until Saara finally opened it.  She didn't really open it, just cracked it a little and looked at me like I WAS THE IDIOT!  Oh well, I am sure I will have a little more tolerance for her absurdities after I have been away for a while and don't have to deal with her.  She and my other two roommates have started fighting and arguing and trying to get me to pick sides.  I try really hard not to pick sides and stay out of it but sometimes Saara is just being absurd and won't take anyone else's opinion into consideration or anything.  It is impossible to keep my mouth shut when she tried to walk all over the other girls and then complains about their mess when she hasn't cleaned in WEEKS. Ok, I will stop ranting.  Thank goodness for the break!

So, looking back over this I realize that I have had a very productive day and did a lot... tomorrow I will be in the factory in the morning then probably the cold shop in the afternoon, maybe.  Depends on who I get to work with or what I get to do.  I want to make those wide, shallow bowls with two colors!  We will see.

PS: Sorry for no pictures today... it was too cold to take any... it POURED snow all day (several inches) and the wind blew like crazy.  I said in the factory that it looked like a blizzard out side and Vegard just laughed and said "no."  haha, well we don't all come from the NORTH POLE! It was a blizzard I tell you!
I kind of miss these guys now that I think of it:

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