Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Aren't we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? You know... the birth of Santa." ~ Bart Simpson

Today I packed up all my Christmas presents (yes, glass) and stuffed them into a hiking bag and feel like a modern Santa... who needs a sack when you can have a padded hiking bag?!?!?

It took a few hours, but it was OK, I enjoy wrapping and decorating... but I don't know if they look very good.  It was hard to wrap everything with enough padding to really do the trick without making it look completely lumpy with the wrapping paper on the outside.  I don't think people will mind though... I mean, they are coming all the way from Sweden!  

I tried to listen to some Christmas music while wrapping... get into the mood you know... Turns out I only like a few Christmas songs... and in general really hate all the rest.  Made me feel more like a Grinch then Ole Saint Nick.  But, I remembered this classic and didn't realize there was a music video until now!!
Who doesn't like "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"?!?!?!  It is a classic!

Now I am trying to organize my suitcase... do the laundry that I really need to take with me and put my passport somewhere where I won't forget it!  My room is getting smaller and smaller with each passing moment and every time I take something out of my closet.  By tonight it will be impossible to walk around!!

I am also patiently waiting for two very nice video chat dates!  Val and Jenny are going to talk to me around 6pm my time! We are starting to have a regular chat date... once a week or every two weeks.  I miss them just being a phone call away when ever I want to chat.  Then after that Sam and I are going to talk :)  and at some point I am going to make some dinner... uhg, I am getting tired to cooking recently, it is like I had no new ideas when at the grocery store.  I am starting to feel like I eat the same thing all the time.  Maybe Sam will have some delicious suggestion.

I noticed today that the snow plow has covered up our mail box again! I don't understand... they don't bury other people's down the street and ours was clearly cleaned up!  Tomorrow I am going to call the post office in Nybro to see what is being done with our mail and if I can go pick it up one day... I have to imagine that I am getting some mail... something right?  Bank statement or something! Mostly I am just paranoid about missing my letter from the migration board about my residence visa extension!  Stupid snow plow!!!  

I just read this blog... it is hilarious and so true! I am one of those people who have a really hard time ending conversations or in general just chit-chatting with people.  Luckily for me Sam is very good at both those things and often comes to my rescue... but here is how I often feel:
I am glad I am not the only one :)

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