Sunday, April 3, 2011

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Hello everyone!! I am back and fully recovered from my Birthday Extravaganza! It was a great trip and I was exhausted by the end, so you know it was good!  Not long enough, but I knew that going into it... still wonderful!  I has taken me this long to recover fully, I didn't have jet lag per say... more just body confusion I think!
So, it all started with a train ride to Copenhagen on Wednesday after school.  At one of the many stops in the 3.5 hour trip I look out the window and see this:
We are in an underground station and there are moving projections on the wall! It looks like you are still moving in the train! It almost made me feel a bit motion sick because my body and brain were having a hard time comprehending the situation.  Pretty cool though!

Once I Copenhagen I was picked up by Martin and his new girl Sarah.  She used to go to Orrefors and now goes to a design school in Copenhagen and said I was welcome to stay with her since she lives just a few minutes from the airport.  We went to a local, giant mall where I had a delicious dinner from a Thai buffet, I think I had green curry chicken and some sweet and sour chicken.  Surprisingly by the time I finished my plate my lips were on fire! After that we went to this movie theater where they have the biggest screen in all of Denmark and also strangely have chandeliers in the lobby:

We stocked up with loose candy (I love candy stores!!) which was interesting because it was a little different from Swedish candy.  It was all still really good and nice to have two candy guides who could keep me from accidentally getting a bag full of gross salty licorice! We saw The Rite, with Anthony Hopkins and exorcisms and stuff in Rome... very good, not nearly as scary as I thought it would be but a bit disturbing.
The Rite Poster
Then we went to bed and I had nightmares... no just kidding! I did have a hard time sleeping because I was so excited but I finally managed to sleep some having weird dreams about waking up in the morning over and over again!

On Thursday, MY BIRTHDAY, on the way to the airport we stopped in Dragør to walk around some before my super long flight.  Martin said it was a cozy little town (the Danes call everything cozy) but this time he was right!

The sun was shinning on the beautiful yellow houses and narrow streets!
People had started bringing plants out to their garden and stuff.  It was really cute and quaint and a great place to stretch my legs. 
Thatched roofs :)

This is the little harbor there, would be perfect in the summer time eating an ice cream cone!
Finally we drove around in circles for a little while and then made it to the airport.
Good bye Denmark, it was a good 17 hours.

I landed in DC around 4:15.  I had planned to take a train to Lynchburg but all of the trains were sold out! So, I rented a car and drove down.  The good thing about that was I could stop on the way and get my fill of American (in)convenient store delights! I had really missed these Frappucinos, Gatorades and of course orange crackers!!! Who would have thought I would miss this stuff?!?
Also, the 3.5 hour drive was beautiful! I firmly believe that the space between DC and Lynchburg might be some of the prettiest land on the east coast!  There are rolling hills with mountains behind them, big farms with cows and horses and the sun was setting through the clouds.  
Made me feel like I was really in Virginia!
Sam and I stayed at The Kirkley Hotel in Lynchburg for the few days I was there.  We got a good deal on the internet and I thought it would make the whole thing a little more special.  Our room was realllly nice and open.
With a big fluffy bed which I jumped on some, just to test it out.  We also had a nice view of the mountains and we couldn't even see the big ugly LU on the side of the mountain from our window!
Sam had a beautifully wrapped present waiting for me.  He says black bows are sexy... I don't know where he got that from but I liked it all the same.  I even wore the bow out to dinner later.
It was this really awesome silver jewelry tree! I don't have anything for my necklaces, they are just all curled up in the bottom of a jewelry box and this is perfect! I can hang them up and be able to pick them out easier and remember to change them more often.  And it is a really cool looking tree!
Then we went out to dinner.  It was pretty late so we had to get late night bar food from Rivermont Pizza, but it was really good and hit the spot.  
So, I had a delicious birthday meal of an Italian sub and spinach and artichoke dip with MY BOYFRIEND!! Honestly, I didn't much care what I ate, just that I got to be with Sam on my actual birthday was wonderful.

So, the next day, Friday, we woke up to a beautiful day in Lynchburg with blue skies and warm temperatures!  We took the rental car back, had some Chick-fil-a for breakfast and went to get our hair cut by Erin (Sam's older brother's girlfriend) in Forest.  She did a great job on both our heads and we were very pleased.  She is pregnant and due in August but already showing and glowing!

We had lunch at one of our favorite lunch places called Hot and Cold which serves an Indian buffet.  We met Jeremy (my old boss and friend from Amherst) and his youngest son (who is amazingly 14 months old!!) and had a very nice lunch.  Uday, the owner of the restaurant, was very happy to see Sam and I and gave us both big hugs.  He even had the delicious mango pudding out on the buffet, even Silas, the baby enjoyed it.

Downtown Lynchburg was so beautiful with the flowering (though slightly stinky) trees.
After lunch we went to Riverside Park to enjoy the sun and blooms for a while.  Nothing is really blooming in Orrefors yet so it was so nice to see the trees there!
We laid down for a little while just next to these trees to let our food digest and absorb some vitamin D.
I love this picture, even if it is a bit dorky haha.
There were even the blooming willow trees!

We walked around for a while enjoying the flowers then walked along this trail next to the river.
This is some fort for the Civil War I think, but I always imagine Romeo and Juliet here... much more romantic!
This is the view from the top of the fort.  Sam looks to be contemplating life and all sorts of serious things... or just concentrating on posing for this ass shot ;)
The might James River and Amherst County.

We went back to the hotel, took a nap (my body was so confused on what time to sleep and eat) and then drank some wine.  IN MY NEWLY MADE GLASSES! It was their first use!! I brought them especially for this weekend and for Sam and I to use together!! I think they look even better with wine in them!!
After some wine, and chips I think, we went to Kings Island to have some sushi.  We had a nice dinner of sushi, crispy things, miso soup, egg rolls (which I haven't found in Sweden) and sake.  Then home to the hotel where I promptly passed out and Sam watched some of the basketball tournament.

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up and headed out to Lovingston to get some of the best Thai food in Virginia.  There is this little place called Thai Siam run by this adorable lady who talks and jokes and makes amazing food.  She also made Sam order his noodles mild so I could have some too! She brought him some spicy stuff to put on it to heat it up after I had some, it was really cute.  He got the drunken noodles with a Thai iced tea (pictured below) and I got the lemon grass chicken which was amazing!

Then we took the long and winding trip over the mountains to see my Justin in Lexington!  He is currently living out there with an old (in both age and in terms of how long they have known each other) buddy and some sheep.

He was as handsome as ever, a bit rounder then normal but happy seeming.
He covered me in kisses and love and I smothered him right back... it was glorious, hairy and a bit dirty!
I miss him tons and can't wait to get back in the summer to be with him again!  It was hard to leave, but it was getting cold (it did snow later) and we had many others to visit.  I love this last picture of us, so cute!

On the way back over the mountain we stopped to see Sam's grandfather, Mr. Sam Massie.  He is a big fan of mine, and always loves to talk my ear off when I am in town and I enjoy his company also.  We hungout with him for about an hour, tested Sam's blood sugar (ew) and talked about Panama I think.  A normal random time with a funny old dude.

We made it back to the hotel in time for a quick shower then it was dinner with Sam's parents at Shoemakers.  It is part of the Craddock Terry Hotel and incredibly delicious.  I had some sort of steak, Sam and his father had the fish special and said it was really good and Mrs. Addison got the crabcakes which were all crab, no filler.  We finished the food and wine feast with a really good chocolate cake and creme brulee!   We were all stuffed and satisfied, I was happy to be able to see Sam's parent's in my short visit and it was a great restaurant choice by Mr. Addison.  And, I got a birthday present of some super cool earrings from Mrs Addison which I just wore the other day :)

Afterwards we went to Rivermont Pizza to see this band play that Sam said was really good, turns out their van broke down or something and we saw one good band and one HORRIBLE band.  But, we did get to hangout with some old friends and Sam's new part timer came out with his girlfriend also.  It was nice to have a face to go with the names and just drink and chill.

Sunday we went out for a traditional greasy American breakfast!  I have been craving this for quite some time and The Waffle House delivered!!
Sam and I decided to split the All American plate and added some sausage gravy biscuits.  I don't like them much but Sam does, so I am trying... sort of.  It was a wonderful breakfast feast which left me waddling!
So, the line up is waffle with syrup, bacon, eggs over easy, toast, hashbrowns, sausage gravy biscuit, black coffee and orange juice!  SOOOOOO GOOD! I ate more then my half, Sam must really love me to let me steal that much of his breakfast!

Afterwards we went to the mall to buy me some training shoes (I got really cool ones) and then back to the hotel.  I think this is when we swam in the pool a little, maybe, or just hung out.  In the afternoon we went over to Chris and Courtney's for dinner and some much needed catching up.
Here is Sam and the evil looking Chubbs, who isn't evil, just very hairy.
Me, Sam and Sampson the pug!  One day Sam and I will have our own dog... maybe even a pug!
We had an appetizer of steamed mussels which were very tasty.  Chris and I soaked up every last drop of the sauce with bread, they were so good!
After what felt like an eternity we had dinner!! Chris and Sam made a great meal for us all while Courtney and  I chilled drinking wine.
We had green beans (my request and fav), cheesy rice, some sort of beef with tasty sauce and grilled veggies.
I don't know what I am doing here, but I thought it was funny and had to put it up.
We spent forever trying to get a group shot... but it turned out pretty damn good I would say.  Well, Chris is kind of a floating head... he does really have a body!
Sampson The Super Pug!!! dunnn deee duuuun!
Yes, you!
Chris was rocking some Huck Finn pants... I can't remember why we took this picture, but there was one before it that was even more absurd that he deleted and I don't think even let Courtney see!
Here is the jewelry tree loaded down with all my bling!  This was when I was packing :( which was very sad and took much longer then it should have because I was sad and didn't want to do it...
"I'm leaaaaving on a jet plane...." This is the tiny plane which took me away from Lynchburg on Monday morning...
It was a short 87 hours, but a wonderful 87 hours in the shadow of the Blue Ridge.
At the airport in Charlotte I was very excited to find a Bojangles!! Yes, that is a bo-berry biscuit (blueberry) and spicy chicken biscuit!! My southern food tooth was satisfied.

Then I flew to Newark where I had a VERY long layover.  So, I took the opportunity to go into New York City and see some of my friends!  I had lunch with Brooke, Lucy (both from Sweet Briar), Jenny and Lauren (Brooke's girlfriend) at this great Mexican place, called La Playa I think! We started out the meal with a Blood Orange Margarita!
Jenny had some sort of sandwich... I feel bad because I can't remember what it was at all now... 
I had fish tacos! They were soooo good!! 
Brooke had some other sort of sandwich... I also can't remember and it had pink stuff on it.  
The other two got repeats of what was already mentioned and I think everyone was very pleased.  We also had some mango margaritas and were very satisfied!  We walked a few blocks over to Lucy's place to see her new puppy!  His name is Miso, he is a Toy Australian Shepherd and weighs 4 pounds maybe... he was ADORABLE!!!
Jenny had puppy fever bad!
Who wouldn't?!?! Look at him!!!
Brooke just wants to eat him up and I can't blame her... he is too cute for words!!
Lucy also has a hamster named Noodle!!
Super sweet and social, she would climb all over you and liked to run around in one of those little balls on the floor.  She did pee on me though...
So tiny!!
Brooke thought that Miso and Noodle should be friends... I think Miso wanted to eat Noodle!
He tired to lick her... but poor Noodle was terrified!
Noodle The SUPER Puppy!!! What if Noodle and Sampson got together?!? People might die from the cuteness! haha
Afterwards we went across the street to Milk where there sometimes lines out the door to get this Crack Pie. Jenny said it had everything in it like chocolate and pretzels and stuff... turns out she was wrong and it is made almost entirely from butter and sugar!  It was good, but not great... we were all a little disappointed.  
The we walked to Butter Lane to get me a cupcake to go! I got a chocolate bottom with raspberry frosting for my flight back across the ocean.  
Here we are waiting for the bus to take me back to Newark in smelly ol' Jersey :(
Good bye New York, it was a fast 7 hours!!
I then flew with Icelandic Air back across the ocean.  They are super cheap but you do get what you pay for, they had a few drop down tvs in the aisle with a movie on them, no food (you could buy sandwiches) and beverages only on request! Also, the plane smelled a bit like feet.  But, I was in a row with 3 seats and no one next to me so I could sleep pretty easily.  We landed in Iceland for a little over an hour and I had a breakfast of cupcake, bagel, juice and special Icelandic water! haha, tasted like normal to me!
Then I flew into Copenhagen, arrive Tuesday afternoon, where Martin picked me up and while we were driving around I saw these awesome towers in the city.
Martin said that the architect who designed this tower had the spiral going the other way and when he came to see the completed product was so upset that he threw himself out of the top of the tower! I am not sure I believe it... but what if?!?!

We went for a walk around Christiana while in Copenhagen.  I have of course heard of this place as the pot head mecca of northern Europe and supposed to be a cool place to chill.  The people who live there don't pay taxes, sometimes don't pay to live there and openly sell hash (pot that is a brick form not leaves) in the streets.  Because of that I couldn't take pictures, turns out the drug dealers don't pose for tourists! It was an interesting walk, made me glad that I live in Orrefors and happy that my hippie friends are not dirty hippies like most of the people there.  It is supposed to be a lot more fun in the summer and at night, so maybe we will go back at the end of the year.

We drove back to Orrefors which took about 3 hours, stopped for some weird, too big kabobs and finally made to it home.  I crawled directly into bed and slept for a very, very long time.  But, I was back in school on Wednesday!

Sorry this post took so long to put up, as you can see there were LOADS of pictures and I was have been recovering from the trip for a few days... sleeping every possible minute!  But, now I should be back on the regularly scheduled blogging program!!

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