Friday, April 8, 2011

"Give me the full Don Draper treatment. I wanted it and I got it and it was even better than they said." ~ Mad Men

I am sorry I have been gone all week! The internet was broken in the house and when I went to school I couldn't find a slot for my camera memory card in those computers... so instead you have a week update! Yay!! I will try really hard to keep this regular in the future!

This week I go to break in my new shoes!!
 They are super new Nike Free TR Luxe (whatever that means) I know they are super flexible and super light! They are the closest thing you can get to barefoot that isn't like 800$ or something!  I like 'em!

 I spent Monday making schnapps glasses.  Everyone had little jokes if the cup part was small it was a glass for Americans, medium sized for Danes, "normal" for Swedes and big for Norwegians (in the far north).  These are on the normal to big size... they are super hard to make because the stem and cup part are in the same mold and it is a really tricky mold! I only got 2 and that was after over an hour of trying to even get one between Vegard and I!

 Spring is FINALLY arriving in Orrefors! I saw these cute flowers blooming on the river bank on Wednesday when I went for a walk.
 These (similar but different) were blooming in the woods under the trees.
 And, surprisingly enough, these were blooming in my front yard! Some had be trampled on but these look like they will be nice!
 Wednesday during school we tried to make wine glasses with a interesting sort of stem, not just straight.  We were supposed to make one with 3 marbles which you cut into the same piece of glass and then plop a foot on the bottom... they were SUPER HARD! Micke didn't even make one that looked really nice!  This is nothing like what it is supposed to look like but I like it all the same:

 Thursday in the hot shop Vegard and I made more wineglasses, still couldn't do the stem and then made plates! Plates are a lot of fun because you just get a sphere super hot and then spin it like mad and a plate opens up! Takes a lot of warming though, so it is kind of a slow process.  In the afternoon I went to the cold shop where I threw out some of my ugly bottles and saved a few.
 Bottles on parade again!  Here is a short, impromptu lesson in handles: 
 Good, nice size and shape... very holdable.
 Unique, difficult shape and good if you have a huge thumb for holding.
 Very unique and good for people who like to wear brass knuckles or have 3 large fingers instead of 5 normal ones.
 A BLOWN HANDLE! Not very big, and kind of a weird shape, but exciting all the same!
 Can you see that it is hollow?  It is really hard to photograph, if you look at the bottom of the handle you can kind of see the bubble.

While in the cold shop I also finished up a few projects I had going on.  One was to make the top of this bud vase nice... so, it now has a crown!  I want to make some in color with a little gold crown on top!
 And I finished up some deep cutting I did on a piece of my own.  It is not so good so you don't get any closeups, but I think I will try to do the same design again.  I messed this one up by accidentally using the wrong wheel when I was supposed to finish the cuts with the fine wheel... whoops! Won't be doing that again!
Last night I went riding and got to ride Poseidon in the jumping lesson which was nice and different.  He was a bit tired from an earlier lesson but was really good.  We had one refusal because I didn't show him where we were going early enough but that was it! Mr. Scaredy-pants managed to get around the course very well!!!  It was a really nice lesson :)

This afternoon I am going riding again, I think it is dressage (bla) but the exciting thing is that I think I won't be wearing long underwear for the first time this year!!! HOORAY! SPRING IS HERE (hopefully I don't jinx it!) and I don't have to wear a million layers of clothes!!!

Also, thankfully the internet is back because the show I am currently addicted to is Mad Men and now I can finally watch it again, I am only 5 episodes into the first season!

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