Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." ~Chinese Proverb

Do you remember yesterday evening I said I had put a candle in the graal and was sitting with it lit next to me?  Well here it how it looked!  I reminded me a bit of a child's night light, the kind where the outside spins around a scene is played out on the walls of the bed room.  I always thought those were cool and maybe it shouldn't be a dragon (a bit scary) but maybe a horse, or different carousel animals.  It was really nice with the candle and I think that is how it should always be seen :)
 Last night I also decorated some easter eggs.  Over the weekend I had blown out a few egg shells when making my breakfast and was waiting for them to dry properly.
 Well, the finally did, I colored them and strung them up on these flowering branches with dental floss.  Looks pretty damn festive I must say :)

On Friday Åke showed this technique where he made a piece with a ring of color on the edge and 3 different colors in the inside!  He had yellow, blue and pink colors swirled together, put them into this hollow cup of white, covered it all in clear and magically made a plate out of it!
 Here is the finished plate, pretty big and pretty awesome.  It is a neat way to really have all the colors come together, the color around the rim isn't sitting on top of the others, or clear it is really IN the piece.
 Well, after watching this Vegard of course wanted to try it out yesterday! Åke and Micke said since it was a holiday week they would be nice and let us try!  Well, first we tried with white, it was REALLY tricky since white is so hard to work with.  I made a sort of cylinder vase with a narrow opening.  The one on the left is actually a very pretty steel blue on the rim that we got from the factory workers.
 They are both a bit think, but I like them all the same!  Vegard's was even thicker then mine and I think he was a bit disappointed but willing to try again.
 So, today he made giant plates with the blue rim.  He also made one with a blue rim and a sort of lime green inside part... not sure how that will look but we have high hopes.  I made a giant bowl, it felt like a giant punch bowl but maybe it is more of a large salad bowl... it is so hard to tell how big it really is.  It was a good day, but exhausting because we stayed in the hot shop the whole day and it was really hot in there today!
 I thought you might like to see this is Vegard's graal he did at the same time as I did mine.  He used the same reddish/orange I did but his is more orange because it isn't so thick.  His piece is super thick and heavy though, he said he might plant herbs in the pot.
And, finally the trees are blooming, you can see little buds of leaves forming and this tree on the way to school has become fragrant and pretty.  It is the same kind as the Easter branches I have in my house with the eggs I think.  I waiting to get a good picture of the trees turning green before I change my heading picture, I will try this weekend, I think it will be beautiful here!!

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