Thursday, April 14, 2011

"She's got a hibiscus on her hiney!" ~ The Fountain, aka Mr. Menendez

This week has flown by! I guess there is one more day... but still, it has gone quickly.  This morning I worked in the hot shop at the factory with Vegard.  We worked on cutting the glass with shears, over and over and over again!  We made these cylinders then cut them straight, then with a curve to make a spout then straight again then curved... you get the point.  We did it for a long time and I think I am finally getting good at cutting which will be a helpful tool, but annoying to practice and it takes a lot of practice.  After that we made a few wineglasses so that we would feel a bit productive.  For some reason I was super clumsy and kept dropping my glasses off the pipe.  At one point I accidentally flung one towards Vegard, I bumped the end of the pipe against something and the hot wineglass just flew off!  Another time he was bringing me some super hot glass to make the foot and I bumped the end of the pipe on my shoe and flung the glass at the glory hole!  At one point Vegard was like "what the hell is the wrong with you?!" it was a mess!  I have been having a bit of a clumsy week, good thing there is only one day left!

Also, in the hot shop we wanted to gather some of the factory worker's black glass (they have a whole molten pot of it!) and try to work with it.  But, they work so fast and hard that they nearly use it all up super fast so Micke managed to gather some for us and make some color rods so we can cut up the color and use little chunks of it whenever we want! Very exciting, it is SUPER black, no purple or brown in this stuff!  We each got a bit fat stick of color :)

In the afternoon I went into the cold shop and finished decorating my graals! 
 Here is the completed dragon!  
 And his little dragon bum!  There is a cloud above his body, you can see about half of it here.  Rebecca suggested that since there isn't much red on the bottom of the piece (I boiled it away accidentally) I could roll it in orange or yellow powder color maybe while I am blowing it up.  That would give it a sort of warming look and hide the lack of red.  Very clever that one!

Here is the purple on white graal with the hibiscus:
 I think there are maybe 6 little flowers on it, different sizes and slightly different styles.
 I have high hopes for it!  I think the purple will look really nice when it is stretched over a big piece!!  I put them on Åke's desk and asked him to put them in the garage (place where you keep pieces warm to work with later) for me in the morning and Vegard put one on the desk too.  His is kind of boring though... just stripes... but it might look way cooler thing mine, who knows!

After school I went to the stables for my riding lesson! I got to ride Poseidon again which is exciting because on Thursday the jumps are bigger and scarier and he really notices!  He was super cute though and seemed to enjoy it all in all.  He only stopped once and it was my fault, I didn't give him enough time to look at the jump while we were approaching it.  Also, riding him over the bigger jumps is really teaching me a lot.  He makes you ride with the horse in front of your leg to all the jumps, and if I move my upper body too much (trying to encourage him) it actually slows him down and makes him more likely to stop.  Both of these are applicable to Justin (my horse, who I get to ride this summer!!) and I am glad that I am getting to practice them.

 We jumped the most insane course ever! Almost everyone had to ask what jump to jump next at least once during their trip!  I drew it and tried to label it, but it is super confusing and I am not sure if I did a good enough job.  Just follow the lines ;)
Now I am off to bed so I will be well rested for my big graal day tomorrow!! Wish me luck :)


  1. Yay! haha I am sure the Fountain would be pleased to hear you quoted him in your blog. :) MIss you SO MUCH! 2 months!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the graal pieces finished, it is so neat!!!