Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Where it is duty to worship the sun, it is pretty sure to be a crime to examine the laws of heat." ~ John Morley

Happy Tuesday which actually feels like a Monday... is anyone else's body confused?  I learned something today, it hurts to blow glass when you are sunburnt!  I didn't think of it, but the heat coming out of the glory hole and furnace feel off the charts HOT!  So, in the future I will try to give myself at least one day of recovery from excessive sunshine before going back into the hot shop.

I found this lonely little champagne glass that I made on Thursday.  I was inspired to make the old fashioned wide glasses from all the shows I have been watching like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.  It took me forever to get the shape right, but I am pretty close I would say:
 In real life it doesn't look so crooked I promise, I am not sure what is going on in this picture.
 This evening I made myself a super delicious and, I think, healthy dinner.  I had super good salmon with a marmalade mustard glaze (found here) and fresh sugar snap peas broiled then tossed in asian delight sauce (found here).  I am super pleased with myself, it was surprisingly good and I am sure I will make it again.

And, since this is all of the pictures I took today (didn't do anything exciting in the cold shop this afternoon and you have to wait to find out what I did in the hot shop) I decided to show you my long weekend!
 Friday morning I laid in the sun reading my book and the afternoon and into evening there was a camp fire in Flygsfors.
 There was swimming, OK, only Jukke jumped in and I am pretty sure regretted it almost instantly.  There was some fire twirling, which wasn't as exciting as it sounds, as you can see.
 The Fins outnumbered all the rest of us, but it was a good time, and a way too long night.

The next day (Saturday) I had breakfast with Jonatan and Bjorn, we had pancakes (their specialty I think) and then played lawn games (kub and frisbee) with this guy named Tobbe (who doesn't speak much English).  Finally, we decided to go to Stugby where Jonatan was going to swim, or get rid of his winter coat as the Fins say, meaning to take the first swim after the ice has melted.
 He very quickly decided it was waaaay too cold.  Then next thing we know Jonatan and Bjorn climbed the light house!  It is a bit of a mini light house, but impressive all the same.

 This is Jonatan (the 16 year old heavy drinker in my house) riding his bike.  He is constantly trying to do tricks and is constantly almost wrecking. It is a bit scary to walk near him or ride behind him!  We went back to my house, has a feast of pasta with meat sauce and then all fell asleep on the couch watching The Simpsons at about 8:30 haha!

Sunday, yes Easter Sunday, I slept until about 12, woke up to Bjorn and Jonatan coming over for breakfast again.  This time Bjorn made "eggy bread" or french toast to the rest of us.  It was pretty nice having these kids show up and make food in the morning!  We ended up going to Mads' place for a barbecue and drum circle:
Bjorn is on the left, then Mads, Bosse playing something in his mouth and Jenni's boyfriend Jani in the dreads.

 They had to stop after a while though because the neighbors started to complain even though it was the middle of the afternoon.  The big plan for the night was to bury some meat, pour coals on it and then have slow cooked delightful meat... the problem was the fire took forever, the meat got buried in cold dirt and I don't think anyone ate it until about 11 pm!  
 As you can see I had sausages!  Below is Jenni, me and Jonatan all crammed on the coach and enjoying the last of the Sunday sun.
 Then someone found the fire starting liquid, got the fire roaring and then this happened.
 Children: these are trained glass blowers, do not do this at home, or ever for that matter!
 Jukke and Mads, the two most out there guys, spewing flames!
 It was actually pretty impressive and amazing.  They said it tasted pretty damn bad if you are wondering.  They didn't catch anything on fire and surprisingly the neighbors didn't complain about this.  I manged to leave this party pretty early.   Had eaten too many sausages and drank too many beers in 3 days... I had to hit the hay.  But, I woke up bright and early on Monday!

So, Monday for breakfast the boys and I had bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches!  Talk about a good weekend for breakfast right?!  Chilled in the yard and finally decided to go to the big lake (which is called Orranäsasjön) in case you were wondering, I can never remember the name.  We got bikes and went out there with Mads who slept most of the time causing him to only get sun on one side of his body.
 It was a perfect day, nearly 30C I heard (in the 80s F) and almost no wind!
We swam as soon as we got there and our bodies were still warm from the bike ride over.  I managed to walk in, dive in once, come up screaming and run out.  The others stayed in a few more seconds but not very long.  Jonatan finally got his swim in though, so he was happy.
 All of a sudden Bosse and Tobbe rowed up on a boat!  They were fishing, but they were using coffee cake for bait so it wasn't going so well for them.
 They docked on our beach and somehow started a rock skipping contest.  So, we have Jonatan on the left, Tobbe, Bosse (the man in black like Johnny Cash), Mads and Bjorn.  I think Bosse won with like 16 skips or some thing like that!
 And then they rowed away... into the sunset, no not really.
 We laid in the sun (that is sleeping Mads in the top corner) and played frisbee and recovered from our long weekend. 
 The view was amazing and it was the perfect end to the long weekend.
I went home early, cleaned the apartment (boys are very messy in a short amount of time), watched a movie and put about 3 layers of lotion on!  But, as I said on Facebook, sunburn = good weekend.  I am not too worried, I am sure the sunburn will turn into tan (it mostly is already) and that after this I won't have to worry about burning.  Also, I am not going to eat another sausage for WEEKS, I think I ate them 3 different times!

It was great to get back to school today to do something productive, I enjoyed the relaxing weekend but I like to be productive more then idle.  I am sure your weekend wasn't as full of as many yummy breakfasts, yard games and sausages, but I hope you had a nice Easter with your friends and/or family.

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