Monday, October 3, 2011

"Man was made at the end of the week's work when God was tired." ~ Mark Twain

I am not sure how I feel about the above quote, it is kind of weird.  Maybe I don't get it but it kind of fit with the whole end of the week and being tired thing... So, I used it.  It is hard to find a new quote all the time.

So, Friday was another day at Pukeberg!

 Here is Micke on the left and Glenn on the right putting on an overlay bubble.  This is super tricky but Micke did it a million times this week and every time it looked SO easy! 
 Here is Josefine protecting his wrist from the heat while he flips the overlay bubble inside out onto the main piece of glass.
 See how easy it looks?  At this point I am usually grunting and complaining to Vegard.
 He heats it one more time then smooths it down all the way with no bubbles between or anything!
 Here is a big graal he made for a lamp.  It has nice clear circles at the bottom which is kind of hard to see for the sand but it is really nice.
 And here is another graal with some extra pieces applied.  It looked cool small but now when it is big is kind of lame.
 This bowl was made and then added this leaf.  The leaf was made in graal, and then cut out and the rest of the graal was wasted.  That might be the MOST expensive leaf EVER! Ahhh, designers and their ideas...
 So, then we went to a Thai Buffet as the end of the week treat.  We then were completely stuffed and went back to work! It was super super hot in the shop which was a bit difficult to deal with on a full stomach!
 The students gave us a little champagne and flowers for the students and wine for the masters.  It was really sweet and nice.  As we were finishing up and sweating our asses off the students were enjoying some ice cream... and making us really jealous.
 I hurried off from the hot shop to the barn for a lesson.  Another dressage lesson and who did I get but little Sheridan.... yes, Sheridan who lives in the pony barn and is about as wide as he is tall... and HAIRY!
 But is he not ADORABLE?!?!
 His head, forelock, stomach and feet are all huge!
 The dressage saddle took up his whole side! 
 I didn't know what to do with all the hair so I tucked his forelock under the bridal and put his mane in a pony tail.  When I walked into the arena my teacher was like "Wow! He looks niiiiice" clearly thinking I was insane.
 I know this picture is blurry but look how small his is! My feet are past his stomach!  But he was so good, a little special but very sweet and tried hard.  He is a bit green (not so trained) and spacey but very limber.  While the other horses glided around on their long legs we stamped around, knees high and mane flying!  I enjoyed him and Pia said he even jumps pretty well.  Maybe I will get to ride him again, he was fun and not too serious which is nice sometimes.  I gave him lots of apples when I was done... I mean, could you resist this face?!
 Then home for 2 hours for dinner and a shower.  Oh! I forgot, I also got this mini-marver from Glenn.  He makes them in his shop and all week I had watched the two of them use this tool for EVERYTHING and was thinking "I have to get one of those" and he gave the assistants one! 
 And I put my flowers in my fancy vase in the window to enjoy for several days!
Tomorrow I will post about the rest of the weekend.  Which pretty much just involved going back and forth to Öland to sell glass.  But the weather was great and it was a success all in all.  Also, we are starting encalmo this week at school! Today was a bit rough but tomorrow should be grrrreat (said like Tony the Tiger) haha!

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