Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived." ~ Willa Cather

"Helllloooooo everyboooody!" said in that weird Doctor's voice on The Simpsons.

I have been watching a lot of tv recently, what can I say?  Anyway, sorry for the delay, but I have honestly been sick for over a week now.  You haven't missed much, I have been sleeping a lot, going to school a little and have lost my voice somewhere in between.  Turns out I have a virus, I went to the Dr. yesterday because I wasn't getting any better and am tired of being sick.  I have an effing virus and will be stuck with it for another week.  ANOTHER WEEK! This is horrible!  But, I got some cough medicine so now I can sleep without waking up every hour to cough uncontrollably.  The Dr also suggested drinking whiskey... so did Stig-Allan... Maybe I will try that this weekend.

So, last week I did make it to the cold shop for a while and did some flower cutting!
I did a series of wind blown trees:
 With their leaves fluttering around the vase!
 And a fall fox! (animals are really hard!)
 I experimented with different textures and ways of cutting the tree.

 I think I like this one the best... but I am not sure.
 And it has a cute umbrella being blown away!
 I think I might make one more, mostly like the one on the far right... not sure though.
 I also talked to Tove about making a 4 Seasons series with a winter, spring, summer and fall tree.  I might do it if I have time but I am not sure... we will see.

Friday evening Rosanne came into to town!!! She spent the weekend with me and we had a blast! Friday night Bosse and Heidy came over and we all went to a Super Hero Party!  I pained Bosse's eyes like this:
 And we girls were really cute! Heidy is Super Ham (her last name is the brand of ham here), Rosanne is The Devil in Disguise and I am Miss Mystery.  It was really fun to get ready with girls and have a girly night, plus Bosse, but I gave him a good glass book I had he was entertained while we did make up and etc.
 Saturday we went to Malin's with Bjorn and Martin to go to a concert near her house.  This is her ADORABLE house!
 She made us a big meal with potatoes cooked in cream and cheese....
 (this is the table obviously)
 And tasty beer!
 and MOOSE MEAT!!!!
 and "CROWN DEER" which I am not entirely sure what that is in English, it translates to Red Deer whatever that is... we decided maybe it was like elk, not as big as a reindeer or as small as a normal deer... I don't know but it was SUPER GOOD!!!
 And we had a blast!!! 
 We went and saw Björn Rosenström at this concert hall in the woods.  He is really famous in Sweden and sings songs with really hilarious lyrics.  I could understand some of them and my friends translated some of them for me too! We danced and danced and drank and then got to meet him!!
Sorry the photos is sideways but that is his signature.  It says "to Simon" and his name and Rosanne was a very happy girl! (Simon is her boyfriend in Oslo)  Apparently Björn Rosenström used to be a lawyer or went to law school in Göteborg and now travels around singing and being in general pretty awesome.  

Sadly the by the end of the weekend I was speaking in a whisper and pretty hungover.  Go figure.

This week we are doing wine glasses at school and I have been struggling with feet!  I think you have plenty of pictures so I will save the ones from this week for tomorrow.  Now I am going to go drink some more cough medicine which is flavored like salty licorice... only in Sweden!

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