Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad." ~Edwin Way Teale

My weekend included this:
 Where we sold glass in this little barn to raise money for the trip to Venice!
 This was Friday night when I was there till 1 in the morning!  People were shopping all night!  Erica, Natalie and I were a little cracked out by the end of the night...  meaning things that aren't normally funny were HILARIOUS due to sleep deprivation and people overload!
 We had lots of pumpkins for the harvest fest but they didn't really sell... also had some eggplants, apples, pears and mushrooms.  Oh, and strawberries!
 Also various other glass stuff, from bottles to plates to jugs to wineglasses to bowls!
 Saturday I went again with Erica and Natalie (two girls from the high school level classes) and we had great weather!  We put some glass pumpkins on the old time-y tractor out front.

 Then Martin and Kresten showed up and they sat on the tractor waving at traffic with Nils trying to get people to come in. I am not sure it worked but they got lots of honks!
 This is me... in case you didn't recognize me with a pumpkin on a rusty piece of farm equipment... 
 There were pumpkin ALL over the island and also some funny hay people!
 On the way home Saturday around 7 we got stuck on the bridge back to the main land for over an hour! It was horrible! Erica took this picture, the bridge goes all the way to where there is a slight raised up place in the lights and then some! It took us FOREVER to get home!
 But on the way home we stopped for some sushi to go! No sense in being in Kalmar without getting good food! I splurged and got the 16 piece dinner and got some seaweed salad thrown in for having to wait so long!  It was SUPER good except the (I think it was) squid was too chewy :P
 Sunday I took the day off from selling glass and went mushroom picking! The yellow traditional canterells are mostly gone now but their relative the black/brown canterells are out! I found out in wikipedia they are sometimes called the trumpet of death or black trumpet:
 They are super hard to find because of their color but they are very tasty!
 And the woods were truly beautiful on that day!
 Fall is setting in and the birch trees are turning bright yellow against the evergreens!
 I love moss covered forest floors! It is a scene from a movie... and elf should appear, or a viking!!
 I took home a pretty good haul! I made a piece of toast with sauteed mushrooms in butter.  I am going to go again I think, we have had some rain and sun now so I think it is better mushroom picking time.  They were a little dry from the warm weekend we had!
Monday we drove back to Oland to pick up the glass and are planning to sell again at the castle in Kalmar, the open house at school and one weekend at the holiday festival/thing in Kosta! Hopefully we will raise enough money to be able to get to Venice!  

Tomorrow you will get pictures of my week so far...  encalmo from hell and some nice cold working!

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