Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Its friday, friday, friday, something something friday..." ~ lame song stuck in my head most of friday... super lame song.

OK, the internet and I currently fighting.  It is winning.  I have tried SEVERAL times to post this blog, everything keeps getting deleted except for the pictures.  You are going to just get pictures and very short descriptions... which is probably better then my wordy, long winded explanations anyway...

Here is the encalmo plate from hell on Thursday:
almost everything possible that could go wrong with this plate did... 
and now it is a piece of art I suppose... or a weapon I am going to throw at the internet...
I am trying not to think about that it is supposed to be round, even, smooth and in general a PLATE...

Here is another plate from Thursday... bad picture but funny reflection of my windblown hair/horns.
Courtesy of Sigrid and Vegard here are some pics of me making another encalmo plate on Friday:
^ The pieces are together and now time to gather some clear on it.
essentially you just get it really hot and then spin it really fast... and if you have a handy assistant they can spin it while you shape it.
This one turned out really well I think!

Worked on bamboo plate by engraving... hopefully I didn't mess it up... but am not sure.
And WONDERFUL Friday surprise I got flowers!
From the best boyfriend in the world, Sam! The address on the card literally just said "Orrefors, Glass Factory" and my name.  But they made it to me and I am super happy! 
I think they are beautiful, nice and fall-esque and they smell good!
I am super happy to have him in my life :)

My weekend was good, and I will fill you in on it later, I want to post this before something happens to it again!

ps: Thanks for reading the blog, it now has over 7,000 views! More then I ever imagined! 
Love you guys,

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