Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"When your mind travels does it prefer the window or the aisle?"

I want to apologize about the last post's font becoming TINY after the picture. I didn't notice and wow is it hard to read! I will try to do better proofing of the whole post before I put it up in the future. I pretty much needed to go borrow my mom's reading glasses to read it!

Anyhow... I am now in crunch time for packing and organizing my life which is in boxes scattered all around my parent's guest room/Pappa's studio space. It is not pretty. Good news, one of the side effects of my crazy intense antibiotics for bronch(itus but we have become so close we use nick names for each other... I call it bronch and it calls me murderer due to the intense antibiotics) is that it gives me this under lying constant energy buzz. I cannot sit still, hardly sleep, and the other day had to figure out if the steel counter-top was buzzing or if it was in fact me... it was me. But it gives me lots of motivation to get stuff done! I am a procrastinator by nature, so this is a very good thing. My life pretty much feels like it is sideways right now. No direction is up or down... just slightly this way and slightly that way until I finally get settled in Sweden and can sit down and sigh contently. Until then it is pretty much a see-saw... or someone once said a snail getting pulled off a boulder... terrible confusing and much like a earthquake.

Everyone has been so nice and helpful! I have gotten all sorts of little things to take with me to help me or remind me of my friends and family. For my birthday Sam got me a digital picture frame which rotates through 10 or so pictures, my mom got me a bag that has "Theresa Jorgensen Glassblower" on it, really cool glass bead earrings and a pocket dictionary, Jenny gave me a cool Alice in Wonderland dishtowel/whatever I want it to be because it is so pretty and a Distance Playlist CD, Valerie gave me a HILARIOUS handmade card to hang in my room, a years supply of Burt's Bees chapstick and the traveling pants. Here is a little picture, it has everything except the picture frame (I am procrastinating again):
OK, so now after hours of procrastinating, back to the packing/organizing. I have managed to get all my boxes either into the closet of the room or into the numerous bookshelves I have lining the wall or under the bed. Much better then before when they were just scattered willy nilly all around. Valerie is coming over to help motivate me to pack/organize my suitcases. I can take one 50 lbs checked bag with no additional cost... so it looks like the afternoon will be spent with me packing my bags and standing on a scale with them while someone tells me how much we weigh. OK! I am off to be productive!!! I have many good reasons to be productive:
1. Sam arrives tomorrow (!!) to spend the night and then see me off on Thursday.
2. I am going on a ride tomorrow morning with the little sister one last time.

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