Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am in Sweden!!

This whole thing is really coming to fruition! I have gotten a cell phone (it is freakin' tiny), a bank card, sheets and etc from Ikea, and notebooks for school! Tomorrow morning I leave to go to my apartment at Orrefors! I can't believe it is really happening and so soon. It still feels a little surreal, honestly, but I think tomorrow when Mamma and Eva (my Aunt) leave me at Orrefors it will suddenly feel VERY real. Kind of like going to college I suppose.

Here is a recap of the past few days.
Thursday: Sam, Pappa and my little sister took Mamma and I to the airport. We checked in fine, both bags were under 50lbs (one was 45 and the other 48) so there was no problem there! It turned out it was National Aviation Day or some such thing and the airport had complimentary mini cupcakes. They were adorable and very tasty, there is an airplane on one and it is supposed to be clouds on the other:
We got to Arlanda airport outside of Stockholm at 7:30AM Swedish time on Friday. There is a six (6) hour time difference from VA/NC to Sweden, I am now 6 hours ahead of the majority of my American friends. Luckily, I slept on the plane for a few hours and on the train to my Aunt's house so I wasn't too exhausted during the day on Friday. My Aunt gave me a brand new Swedish/English dictionary and a student cookbook. It has recipes for all sorts of cheap meals students can make, or course in Swedish!

We shopped and ran errands after lunch on Friday and I had my first caffeine drink (coffee) for about 2.5 years at the designated coffee time (around 3PM each day)! It was very nice to drink coffee again. If you have read any of the Stieg Larsson books you know that drinking coffee is a big Swedish past time and my Aunt told me that in a recent report the Swedes are the most coffee drinking nation in the world!! I was surprised it wasn't Columbia or a place where they grow coffee... but no Sweden, and sometimes Finland.

Today, Saturday, we went shopping at Ikea and other places and got lots of stuff for my room. I ate a meatball sandwich for lunch. It has a pickled beets cream sauce on it with cucumbers and tomatoes, very good but very rich... my eyes were bigger than my stomach:
At every meal my Aunt and Uncle quiz me on my Swedish. I am learning the words for table, spoon, cup, cheese, the colors, numbers and some other things... I have hard time remembering a few words... like sock (strumpa) and pants (byxor). My Uncle got me a book that has pictures of all sorts of things from clothes, to appliances, to animals, to food, to car parts with the Swedish word for it with an arrow pointing to the particular part. I think it will be very helpful when he isn't around to keep asking "what is this" and point at something. Hopefully I will learn quickly!

Next time I post it will be from my new apartment! Hooray! I will get it all organized and then take a picture for you all! I can't wait... this morning I laid in bed thinking about for hours (my body is still a little confused on the time change) and tried to remember how to count in Swedish and say strumpa, or if you have two socks... like most people do, strumpor. I can't wait!!

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  1. So will you take notes in English or Swedish?