Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach and a WEDDING!

So I have successfully moved out of VA and am in NC on the COAST! hooray! I spent a few days with Valerie and Jenny on Topsail Island with Jenny's family. Her brother took us out for a whole day on the boat and in general an adventure through the ICW (intercoastal waterway for those of us not so good at acronyms), some swimming against the currents, stepping in gross mushyness and then a nice lazy river float around an island. Sadly it is never enough time with my two best friends, we can never all be in the same place at the same time for long. Now we are all off to opposite ends of the world again, well soon. Jenny is in NYC (very posh) and Val just got a job in Colorado (very snowy with cowboys) and I will be in Sweden (which is sort of on the other side of the world). Guess that is the price you pay for being interesting.

Now Val and I are on Sunset Beach with my family and my little sister's friend. So total of 7 staying at the New Horizon! It has been very relaxing and calm and todayyyyyyyy..... dum dum de dummmmmm

A WEDDING! No, no one eloped... My parents got remarried. It is a weird story involving getting married in a foreign country (the Motherland) and losing their marriage license somewhere between now and 30 years ago... Thus, another wedding. Since the whole family was together now seemed like a good time. So, we all got dressed up in sun dresses and went to Bolivia (that is in Brunswick County) to see the Magistrate (a very nice lady, unlike in True Blood) and get a marriage certificate! Then we threw sprinkles on the bride and groom. My little sister has been craving donuts and wanted to have the wedding at Krispy Kreme, with sprinkles instead of rice... so when we went to the store to get flowers and lots of champagne we bought sprinkles to surprise them. I do believe it worked. But we had sprinkles everywhere.

Here is the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jorgensen, officially now, again.

Following the wedding ceremony, aka walking back and forth between government buildings and making up stories about having a million kids to strangers, the whole group was regularly congratulated by everyone we saw at the Court House. Then lunch at a restuarant by the ICW where some people tried to sing happy birthday... then the "going to the chaaaapel, going to get marrrrrieeeed" song to Mamma and Pappa. It was entertaining to say the least.

Now we are off to the beach for some reading in the sun and swimming and maybe yoga and then this evening I think we are doing champagne on the beach to celebrate... should probably go get the champagne out of the freezer. Soon I will be wildly tan and no one will recognize me! it is wonderful. You know you are jealous of sun and champagne!

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