Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Exciting News

So I now have a ticket to leave for Sweden!!! HOOOOORAY! This makes it much more real and easier to plan my next few weeks. Are you ready?????

I leave August 19th! That is a Thursday apparently. I can't wait. Then I move into my apartment on Sunday the 22nd and start class Monday the 23rd!!! It is all sooooo soon! I start school in less than 20 days! Holy cow.

This has provide me with motivation to study more Swedish so I can actually say something while in Sweden. I can now say Jag ar inte en man (I am not a man). Jag ar en kvinna (I am a woman). Next I learn adjectives it says. But I have learned some. Jag ar lang (I am tall). Du ar kort (you are short). I keep saying that one and looking at Val and she gives me evil looks back. I need to figure out how to add those fancy Swedish letters when I type because I keep getting marked down on my writing assignments. For example: ä å and ö.

Here are some cool shells I found this morning on my walk with Val and my dad.

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